14 Days of Summer has been packed with content from skins to unvaulted weaponry to new challenges with exclusive rewards. Today, players will need to launch 4th of July fireworks along the river bank.

We’ve been having a huge of fun with 14 Days of Summer to the extent that we’re sad that it’s only four days away from ending. It’s awhile since we’ve been so happy with a content event and the community looks to share our enthusiasm.


For July 4th’s 14 Days daily challenge, Epic charges players with launching some fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. It’s not specifically marked as a 4th of July challenge, but the gist of festive fun is definitely implied.

Launch fireworks along the river back Fortnite challenge

The day’s challenge does not require players to unlock any previous challenge rewards. Some other challenges, like the Neon Tropics Driftboard task, do require some prior completions.

Fireworks locations along the river bank in Fortnite

Here’s how to complete this 14 Days challenge:

  1. Hop into any core mode or Team Rumble
  2. Look at the map above and land at the nearest Fireworks
  3. Walk up to the Firework stuck into the ground
  4. Interact with the Firework once in range
  5. Watch as it flies into the sky and explodes
  6. Head to next closest Firework on the map
  7. Repeat these steps until you have launched three Fireworks
Firework stuck into the ground on the river back outside Neo Tilted

We went into the game ourselves and captured a short clip of footage from launching a Firework. Epic Games has used the same asset several times in the past for a variety of challenges.

For your efforts, you’ll be getting a very special Harvesting Tool. If you are thinking only of completing a single 14 Days challenge, make this the one. The Low ‘N Slow “Pickaxe” is among the rare dual wielded material harvesting tools. These were introduced into the game at the launch of Season 9.

Low N’ Slow Harvesting Tool – 14 Days of Summer reward

Previous 14 Days of Summer Challenges

We’ve all been there. There’s real life stuff piling up from every direction and Epic keeps releasing amazing new content! Sometimes, it’s simply impossible to get on every single for Fortnite. We’d love too, but priorities are important.

Well, busy bee, we’ve got you covered on anything you’ve missed in the past few days. Below, you’ll find a list of all 14 Days of Summer challenges along with hyperlinks to their specific guides.

The 14 Days of Summer event isn’t all that’s happening in Fortnite. The launch of the new season of Stranger Things also brings a new collaboration along with skins, Upside Down portals, and more.

It’s certainly exciting times in Fortnite and we’re eagerly looking forward to Season 10’s launch event. What do you think will happen to the map as a possible massive monster vs. mech fight looms? We predict mass scale destruction and a few deleted named locations.