Loot Lake has been a hardcore focus over the past few weeks with reveal of the Vault. A new leak has revealed a little more intriguing information about the event.

Breaking news! Something is happening at Loot Lake…oh, you already knew that? Well, moving right along then. Onto the leaks!

Data mining efforts allow the community to see little bits of upcoming content before it is released. Several other leaks have shown info about the dig sites in the past, but the latest leak directly relates to the Loot Lake event.

Wondrous & Ominous Sound Files Leaked

Epic Games sets its file structuring up in a way that dedicated data miners can always find something interesting about upcoming content. It’s a sly way of building up hype without direct reveals.

The latest of these leaks has to do with sound files extracted from Loot Lake event folders. The leak comes courtesy of ‘madmagic008’ on the the FortniteLeaks subreddit.

sounds of upcoming event in lootlake from r/FortniteLeaks

Some of the sounds played during the video are repeats and remixes. They’ve been used before for dig site content as well as the current Rune events at Loot Lake.

Towards the end of the video, the loud humming and “locking” sounds were heard in-game recently when the Runes began dropping into place.

The booming horn blow, which plays as the last sound of the video, could be the signal used by Epic Games to indicate that the Vault is ready to open. We do not have any official confirmation of this theory, however.

What to expect from the Loot Lake Event?

The Loot Lake event is being drummed up by Epic Games to be one of the largest reveals in Fortnite history. It has the similar gravitas of the Iceberg with even more pre-event reveals.

As the teaser events come and go, we slowly get to see more about what Epic is planning. Still, we can’t really say for certain what the event will be about.

There are two leading theories within the community that both could come to fruition.

The first involves Kevin the Cube being releasing from his prison or Vault under Loot Lake. The Cube gave us Shadow Stones in the past and recent leaks have shown files related to a new Shadow Bomb item.

Presumably, the Kevin the Cube event would occur at the very end of Season 8 and serve as a transition to Season 9 content.

The second theory would have the event starting much sooner. Some players have pointed out the fact that the Vault and Captain America’s shield have a very similar shape. Take a look at the similarities for yourself in the images above.

Do you think either of these theories is correct or do you think the event will be related to something completely different? Tell us your theories in the comments below.