Previously a Professional Player for Team Secret, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson has transferred to FaZe Clan; he will compete at the upcoming Fortnite World Cup in both Solos and Duos later in July.

Mongraal is a famed Fortnite player who previously competed under the Team Secret organization. He is currently qualified in both the Solo and Duo brackets of the Fortnite World Cup.

This announcement appears to be FaZe Clan attempting to rebuild their Fortnite Competitive Team after Tfue’s recent departure. One thing’s for certain, the Fortnite Esports community is excited to see what’s next for the organization.

You can watch Mongraal’s introduction to Faze Clan montage below…

What are your thoughts on FaZe Mongraal, were you a fan prior to this announcement? Many fans and big names in the Fortnite community were surprised at this announcement as FaZe Clan’s roster is better than ever, despite the recent dramatized departure of Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

Despite the overall positive reaction, many responses to the announcement were quite negative, citing the “80%” income takeaway meme from the Tfue lawsuit.

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