Newly discovered assets indicate that a Krampus-style Weapon Wrap may be coming to Fortnite. While there isn’t much to examine visually, it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

A new file was added to the Weapons > Weapon Skins > Textures folder which is simply named T_KrampusGrad. This is obviously a new texture that would be applied to a weapon via Weapon Wrap to give it a new look.

Unfortunately, the asset is a simple black to red texture which does not give an accurate example of what the Weapon Wrap would actually look like.

It’s likely this is an extremely early work in progress asset and is not yet intended to be seen by the players. Interestingly enough, the Krampus Skin was released a few days ago as of the time of writing.

Epic Games has yet to comment on this discovery. Keep in mind this is simply a rumor based on game files, a Krampus Weapon Wrap may never be added to the game as the idea could be scrapped.

What do you think a Krampus Weapon Wrap would look like? At the time of writing, it seems to be a simple red and black gradient.

Stay tuned to / @FortniteINTEL on Twitter for the daily Item Shops which is likely where this Wrap would be released. We’ll keep you update in case the asset is updated in future patches or Epic Games teases / releases it officially.

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