Update: Jetpack is not releasing this week (March 8)

Epic Games announced early last week that we would be seeing a Jetpack introduced into Fortnite Battle Royale. Despite originally being planned to release with Patch v3.1.0, it was delayed due to a ‘last minute design issue’.

While Epic haven’t released much information about the Jetpack other than the teaser picture on the in-game news feed, data mines have revealed some of the things we can expect from it.

Note: None of this information is official or confirmed, it’s speculation based on the files found within the game at the time of Patch v3.1.0.

It uses fuel

With sounds being added to the files such as ‘Fuel Up’ ‘Fuel Out’ and ‘Fuel Warning’, it’s clear the Jetpack is not something you can use indefinitely and will require refuelling – the method for doing this is currently unknown, however.

Along with this, the UI will have a new Fuel Bar and Gauge while the Jetpack is equipped:

According to Storm Shield One, the Jetpack will either regenerate fuel over time and even faster if you have a certain item or it will only regenerate if you have a certain item. Either way, it’s not one time use and you won’t have to drop it after it runs out of fuel.

It has a hover mode

Also hinted at in the game files, the Jetpack will have the ability to hover in place which will presumably use less fuel than accelerating upwards. This would make you an easy target, however, so it’s probably not wise to use this too often during combat.

Limited Time Mode

The Jetpack will feature as the main item in an upcoming Limited Time Mode: Take To The Skies which, according to Storm Shield One, is the only gamemode that currently has the Jetpack on the loot tables.

This could mean that the Jetpack will only be available in a Limited Time Mode and not seen in the regular playlists. It seems unlikely, however, as it was announced in a way that suggests introduction to the main game with no mention of an LTM whatsoever.

Regardless of how it’s implemented, we can’t wait to see how the Jetpack behaves in Fortnite Battle Royale. Hopefully it releases soon!