Just when you thought you were out, Kevin just pulls you back in.

Fortnite’s cube, lovingly nicknamed Kevin, may have been destroyed but that hasn’t stopped some fans from moving on.

Kevin, who first debuted in August, met his demise when he tumbled into Loot Lake, turning the surface of the lake into a gelatin bounce pad.

The mourning hasn’t been easy and fans have been looking for ways to reintroduce him into the game.

The latest concept for Kevin to make a return is by introducing him as a wrap. Instead of appearing on a weapon this skin would appear on a skin.

The concept created by Reddit user SweetRabbbit shows the wrap on the Dark Bomber outfit but it could probably work on more skins than that.

Kevin the Cube wrap concept
This Wrap concept would pay homage to Kevin the Cube. – Via Reddit

The wrap would animate part of the Dark Bomber’s outfit to look like the runes that appeared on the cube.

If glowing purple and representing Kevin is something you’re into then this concept is right up your alley.

We’ve seen exclusive features added to certain outfits in the past such as the Tomatohead so adding something like this wouldn’t too far out of the realm of possibilities.

Is this concept that would bring Kevin the Cube back to Fortnite in a limited capacity something you’d like to see Epic Games do? Let us know in the comments below!

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