Fortnite competitive players and fans have been calling for the return of Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite event, and they might just get the comeback event they have been asking for.

Friday Fortnite was an invite-only weekly event held by Keemstar and UMG that featured popular Twitch and Youtube streamers.

Every Friday, tens of millions of Fortnite fans would tune in to watch the different perspectives of each streamer.

Unfortunately, Keemstar had to cancel the event due to Epic’s introduction of the Skirmish series, starting with the Summer Skirmish in July 2018.

Another stab to the event’s chest was Epic Games’ implementation of a rule that no third party tournaments could offer a prize pool higher than $10,000.

Keemstar’s event was taking place simultaneous of Epic’s $8 million dollar Summer Skirmish tournament, and the most popular players were opting to participate in Epic’s tournaments, so Keemstar chose to discontinue the Friday Fortnite events.

The community was not happy with the decision, and have been asking for the event’s return – even if it means a low prize pool.

Keemstar has been hinting at the possible return of the event, and on January 7 we finally got confirmation the event will indeed be returning.

In his latest Drama Alert video, on January 7, Keemstar spills to the audience by saying “Speaking of my tournament, Friday Fortnite, it’s returning! Just want to let you know, we’re working on it, and it’s going to be out soon.”

Even if Keemstar was to stick to a $10,000 prize pool, professional players and popular streamers have all agreed that they would participate and that they missed the competition that Friday Fortnite generated.

Epic made a statement on January 8 that there will be a lack of in-game tournaments due to the development studio updating their tournament backend software, so we might see a return of Friday Fortnite sooner rather than later.

2019 is due to have a packed competitive Fortnite schedule due to Epic running tournaments leading up to the Fortnite World Cup, so the window is small for Keemstar to make a star-studded Friday Fortnite return.

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