The Fortnite community went through another round of drama on Twitter during the night of June 10 when Keemstar, The Fortnite Guy, and FaZe Clan owner Banks got into an argument over H1ghsky1’s age.

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan brought the first allegations to light that the esports organization’s youngest player was actually underage and was lying to the community.

Tfue’s lawsuit claims that H1ghsky1 was signed to FaZe Clan when he was 11 years old. It is against Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube’s terms of service to be on their platforms unless the user is 13 years old.

An article was published by Upcomer claiming that H1ghsky1 was 11 when he was signed to FaZe Clan, and the organization pressured the child’s parents to lie about his age.

Did FaZe Clan openly lie?

On June 10, the popular Fortnite YouTube drama channel TheFortniteGuy got into an online tiff with Keemstar and FaZe Banks.

TFG replied to a tweet by Keemstar saying, “Daily reminder that keem blames @TTfue for FaZe doing something illegal.”

The DramaAlert host fired back at TFG by putting a $10,000 cash bet on the situation.

A few minutes later, Banks hopped into the thread to also toss down $10k into the bet but to also defend his name and brand.

“I’ve ignored and ignored you but it’s starting to get annoying.”

TFG quickly fired back claiming that Banks lied to his entire community about Highsky’s age and the owner replied with a simple, “So the fuck what?”

The argument eventually ended with Keemstar blocking TFG, and the YouTuber going on to make his own video on the matter.

TFG claims he will not back down from the matter and was only sticking up for what he believes in, however, will not participate in the $20,000 bet between Keem and Banks.

What do you think about the online beef between Keemstar, FaZe Banks, and The Fortnite Guy? Do you think somebody is right in this situation, or is it just more drama?

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