The second of the three Fortnite Creative World Cup stages is now available to play in-game.

The first stage to become available was Sky Station Showdown, a Fortnite version of Call of Duty’s Domination mode.

Now we have Junkyard Juke. For people who didn’t watch the Creative World Cup, Junkyard Juke is a game mode based on Prop Hunt.

One team stands in the center of the map with a collection point beneath them. The other players all take the forms of random pieces of junk that are scattered around the map.

For the shooters in the middle, they are trying to identify which pieces of junk are other players and not just random accessories. The catch is that the walls around them go black every so often and the pieces of junk get a couple of seconds to move towards the goal underneath the shooters.

The team in the middle is looking for players that keep moving after the walls go away or for pieces of junk that weren’t in the same spot they were last time.

For the team trying to reach the center, they are playing an elaborate game of “Red Light, Green Light.” The bigger pieces of junk are worth more points if they reach the middle but are also more obvious as they move.

That’s basically it for the game, but this is an event I’ve been looking forward to trying out for a while. There’s a lot of strategy in it coming from which props you choose and how greedy you want to be.

Are you interested in playing this game mode or is this one a pass for you?

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