The new Junk Rift is an extremely potent tool, so using it correctly can lead to easy combat victories.

Fortnite’s meta is a delicate balancing act between gunfighting, building, and consumable items. It’s never truly settled into any type of neutral groove due Epic’s constant gameplay additions.

The v10.10 Content Update brought with it an item called the ‘Junk Rift.‘ It is one that will most definitely draw the ire of many players due to powerful ‘Air Strike’ type blasts.

In order to help you get the most usage out of the item, we’ve put together a few simple tips and videos. These’ll help you get the general idea of the item and allow your first usage to be an effective one.

v10.10 Update Junk Rift Tips & Tricks for Fortnite

Destroy my enemies, dear Dino!

The Junk Rift is essentially a Season X themed version of the Air Strike, but we’d argue that it is slightly more powerful. Let us explain.

Junk Rift are throwable items which shoot up a rocket into the skies above from the point of landing. This rocket then opens up a Rift and a massive object falls through the portal towards the ground.

The Air Strike had trouble doing relevant damage to metal builds. However, the Junk Rift doesn’t technically ‘do damage’ to builds…it simply deletes them from existence. Fully built metal builds stand no chance against the new item.

To get the most usage out of the Junk Rift, you’ll want to aim for the bottom of any builds or buildings. The Rift spawns dependent on what is located above it.

This means the higher the builds, the higher Rift spawns. In practice, this means that building cannot counter the Junk Rift.

Junk Rift’s ability to destroy builds is unparalleled

As you can see in the video above, the object which falls from the Rift instantly destroys builds. The metal construction in our Creative lobby attempts to recreate something similar to what you might see in a build fight.

You’ll need to careful in Duos and Squads as the item can easily destroy your teammates’ build as well. For this reason, we believe the Junk Rift’s true strength to be in Solos matches.

We’ve all seen those ridiculously long build fights between two opponents. You can put both (or all) players in the fight out of their misery with the Junk Rift. Simply toss the item onto the bottom of the builds and await the enemies’ judgement from the heavens on high.

Another interesting note we realized while testing was that the blast damage was different depending on the object.

If the Rift spawned a car, we could spawn several others in the vicinity as shown above. However, afterwards, we threw another Junk Rift onto the middle car and spawned a dinosaur statue. This destroyed all three cars due to its larger blast radius.

In addition to destroying builds, the Junk Rift will also absolutely demolish players if they are hit. Any object falling from the Junk Rift will instantly eliminate a fully shielded player. We sacrificed ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge to find this out.

While you might think that the high damage could be a counter to the BRUTE, the Junk Rift is anything but. BRUTEs can easily use their boost to jump away from the Rift before it can cause damage.

What do you think of this new Junk Rift item? We’re sold of its ability to deal damage and break builds, but are afraid of how it’ll affect wider gameplay. Raining down debris onto opponents should have a few drawbacks and we’re not seeing very many from the first hours of gameplay.