The latest upcoming item to leak via the new v10.10 patch data files for Fortnite is something called the ‘Junk Rift’.

Leaks are a common occurrence due to how Epic Games likes to structure their gameplay releases. This method has dual benefits in reducing overall patch file sizes and helping with hyping up new content before its official unveiling.

As with every other update, patch v10.10 brings with it a slew of leaks for cosmetics. Additionally, data miners have found the initial files for something called the ‘Junk Rift.’ Everything we know so far about the item can be found below.

Upcoming Junk Rift item leaked in patch v10.10

Early in the morning of August 14, Epic Games released the highly anticipated v10.10 patch with several upgrades and changes. We’ll get to those in other articles, but the most exciting reveals always come through leaks.

@iFireMonkey, a prominent data miner, combed through the new files in search of something worthwhile. In among the cosmetics and random text snippets, the leaker found an image for the upcoming ‘Junk Rift’ item.

Unfortunately, the leak did not come with any details about the item’s effects. This is often the case as Epic is still crafting the gameplay mechanics behind an item’s release. However, another leak might shed some light on the Junk Rift.

How will the Junk Rift function in-game?

While we haven’t gotten any official stats apart from the Junk Rift being a ‘thrown’ item and having a max stack of 4, an adjacent loading screen leak shows the design’s idea.

Season X Week 3 Loading Screen – via @Hypex

If the artist’s depiction is anything to go by, the Junk Rift will essentially act as a new Air Strike. By throwing the item at enemies, they can spawn deadly junk which will fall from the skies above.

Of course, everything is dependent on how strong the damage from the consumable is. The Air Strike made a huge impact due to its ability to quickly eliminate builds, but was quickly vaulted at the beginning of Season X. We wondered why it had such a short-lived lifespan at the time and it looks like the Junk Rift answers that question.

What do you think of this upcoming item and do you think it’ll improve the current state of the game? We think it could be a useful building disruption tool, but there’s no chance that a localized bombing of junk could ever help to fight against the BRUTE mechs.