The Fortnite World Cup Final begin on July 26 with the Creative Finals and Epic Games has recruited Jordan Fisher, an American singer, to help host the weekend event.

Epic Games hasn’t been one to shy away from making partnership deals with celebrities in order to boost viewership at events. They’ll running another Pro-Am event at the FWC Finals and also look to add a few celebrity hosts to the mix.


Jordan Fisher, as revealed in a recent tweet, will arrive on the Finals stage to help host the event. Epic Games may seek to add additional talent to their roster in the coming days.

Jordan Fisher to host Fortnite World Cup Finals

Epic Games loves to surprised its fanbase with treats leading up to major events. In the latest twist, Jordan Fisher joins the hosting line-up for the FWC Finals. Epic announced this via Twitter on July 23.

For those that don’t know Mr. Fisher, he’s an American singer who has produced several hit singles, won the 25th ‘Dancing with the Stars, and playing a main role in the 2015 PS4 game, Until Dawn. A true Renaissance man with talents for nearly every area of entertainment.

Epic Games did not give details on what ‘hosting’ might mean for Jordan Fisher and other potential celebrity hosts. Generally, when such appointments are made, they help with transitional segments in between games, assist in hyping up the crowd, and ensuring quality entertainment all around.

Fortnite World Cup Finals Schedule & Details

It’s almost time! – IMG: Pixabay

The Creative Finals broadcast begins at 12:30 PM EST on July 26 with the Pro-Am event following directly afterwards. For those more interested in professional tier player, the Duos and Solos Finals will be held on July 27 and July 28 respectively. Epic also released a fully detailed schedule for the entire weekend earlier in the week.

Dozens of esports organizations will have players representing their logos and colors at the Finals. FaZe Clan, Solary, Team Liquid, and more will watch intently as their teams try to scratch out a piece of that $30,000,000 dollar prize pool.

Epic Games introduced a new ‘Picture in Picture’ streaming feature in v9.41 which will allow players to play and watch at the same time. If it’s successful, there’s a strong possibility we’ll see similar feature implemented in other major esports like League of Legends, Call of Duty, DOTA 2, and more.

How hyped are you for the Fortnite World Cup Finals? We’re shaking from the anticipation and intend to deliver everything you need know about the event in the coming days. It’ll be a ground-breaking event for esports at large and we hope Epic Games can pull it all off. The road leading here hasn’t been without its bumps, but the current course looks steady for a great event!