Newly discovered files and an in-game bug seems to point to a new spectating feature coming to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

Many players have experienced a bug which causes the playlist UI to glitch, revealing a button with the text “Join as Player”. Unfortunately the functionality is not yet available.

Data mined files from the PC build of the game suggest that this is in-fact a button which will be used to join matches as a spectator.

via FortniteLeaks

Data miners found assets which reference this button soon after, the button is internally called SpectateButton. Not much else was found from this asset at the time of writing.

via lucas7yoshi_

While the ability to spectate players in a match after being eliminated is available, many players have asked for a button which allows them to spectate games they were not present in.

Not much is known regarding this button and what it may entail, but it’s very possible that Epic Games is finally implementing another highly-requested feature.

Some players have theorized that this may allow them to navigate as a ghost in the midst of battle without interacting or effecting living players, though this idea was quickly shot down as that would allow an unfair advantage.

What are your thoughts on a fully-fledged spectating feature coming to Fortnite? Too little too late, or something that you would appreciate?

Epic Games has yet to announce anything regarding this feature, and due to the lack of assets it’s possible it may be removed. Stay tuned.