‘Trucing’ in Fortnite refers to swinging your pickaxe to avoid a fight with another player. Is this teaming? Should it be allowed in competitive Fortnite?

Trucing; it’s a topic of much debate in the competitive Fortnite community. For those who don’t know, this term refers to swinging your pickaxe at an opponent. If they swing back, then the two of you have an agreement not to fight one another.

Why is this a thing? Well, in high-priced tournaments, no one wants to die early. Taking a mid-game fight while you and another player are rotating is usually a bad idea for both of you. It doesn’t matter who wins. If you waste materials and end up with less health than you had before, then you lost.

Trucing can be smart in competitive Fortnite. It’s an unwritten rule of engagement. Nothing stops the other player from breaking the truce, but it usually takes place when it’s in the best interest of both players to go their separate ways.

Not everyone is in favor of this type of tactic, however. Some players and viewers think that trucing is a form of teaming. Most players agree that trucing has a place in certain circumstances, but it can go too far at times.

The above tweet from Benjyfishy shows a worst-case scenario for trucing. In reality, he’s describing two players who don’t have enough confidence to fight one another.

This is a fringe example, though. Most of the time, trucing happens when it’s a good idea to avoid fighting another player.

If you ask UnknownArmy, though, he might tell you differently.

Fans were quick to point out that the pro Fortnite player has used his pickaxe to form a truce with other players in the past. This tweet was likely based on an encounter or two when he wanted that smoke.

I think trucing has a place in competitive Fortnite. There are some situations when fighting is a bad idea for everyone involved. Even if you win the fight, you’re going to lose the match.

Via: Epic Games

I’m not at a level where trucing is a thing, but I don’t W-key everyone in competitive matches, either. Fighting is sometimes a bad idea, regardless of whether or not you have confidence that you’ll win.

Of course, this is only true when a truce is made within the confines of a match. If two players agree to ignore one another on a Discord call before the game, then it’s a different story.

What do you think? Do you think trucing is teaming? Should all Fortnite players take shots if they see another person? Let us know in the comments.

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    • Not really. You aren’t actively engaging each other or others and then you two just leave and go about your ways then I don’t see that as teaming.

      I remember playing one time in Chap 1 and these two guys were hard core teaming. It was solo’s and they were walking around kill together. Sadly I wasn’t streaming at the time so I didn’t get a change to record it. It was crazy.

  1. Teaming is a hard thing. Pre-organising it is cheating but coming across it ingame is different. Even in other BRs like PUBG you could use voice comms to talk people out of fighting in early or mid game. Since Fortnite doesn’t have that form of communication people use Emotes and pickaxe as well as spamming crouch to get a message across.

    So if your able to do a truce with those methods then it is fair game. Even in combat situations when it is a 1v1v2 it is common to team up with the other solo to take out the duo then you fight.

  2. I don’t truce with anyone 90% of the time. Because if I do the person I traced with kills me within thirty second of making the truce.

  3. I think Epic got the ammo bar below the crosshairs from PvZ Battle for Neighborville. They have that for some character abilities like the pea gatling and the sun pulse.

  4. Chosing to avoid someone on your own accord is one thing but making an unspoken agreement to not kill each other at the start is another. That’s teaming. Let the ban wave begin epic.

  5. If you both need the points, and Y’all didn’t talk about it before playing, it’s good.

    I also let others in pubs do their challenges. I don’t shoot them, but sometimes they insist by getting in front of me and crouching.


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