Epic Games teased an all new skin on the official Fortnite Twitter account earlier today. Could this be the new Season 8 Discovery skin? Or is it something else entirely?

Each and every season of recent Fortnite memory has included a unique skin for players that complete nine weeks of challenges in the current Battle Pass.


The skins have ranged from amazing to quite ‘meh’ in the past, but it’s always nice to get something for our efforts nonetheless. We might have gotten an early look at the Season 8 Discovery skin from Epic Games.

Epic Games tweeted an image of the new skin along with the ominous message “Ruin is coming’ early on Thursday, April 4th.

The initial thoughts on the skin were that of the Discovery skin, but it could be something different. Epic could be teasing an all-new item set coming to Fortnite.

This second theory was backed up by @iScenario on Twitter. The community member pointed out that the game files includes a new, unreleased pickaxe design that matches the skin quite well.

This leaks points towards the possibility that the tease is for a new Item Shop set rather than the Discovery Skin.

All of this is just speculation at this point and we’re sure we’ll know more in the coming days about whatever Epic is planning.

There’s a chance the tease has to do with some unknown in-game event or LTM that is about to revealed. We just don’t know any more details as of right now. One fan even suggested that this was crossover event with League of Legends champion, Zed.

We’ll report on any new discoveries about this tease from Epic Games as soon as we have some more info. Tell us your theories on what Epic means by ‘Ruin is coming.’