We’ve seen a lot of Fortnite trick shots in our time, but this ridiculous shot might take the cake.

With a seemingly endless amount of possible options, Fortnite is the perfect game for a trick-shotter to thrive while attempting to hit clips.


Trick-shotting originally formed in the days of Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, where players would typically attempt to get the final elimination of a match with a ‘snazzy’ sniper no scope.

While describing trick shots in words might be difficult, actually hitting them is even harder. However, some shots are just so absurd that they almost kind of look easy from the streamers POV.

This is the case with streamer HippieHabitat, who used the Driftboard to its limit by pretty much destroying the competition with the help of an Impulse Grenade.

We could describe it all day, but we just recommend watching it below.

I hit one of the nastiest trick shots of my life… from r/FortNiteBR

The ability to launch the opposing player in the exact direction in which he needed them to go really brought the whole clip together, and could have seriously ruined the entire thing if it went differently.

Yet, even though the shot was awesome, we still think HippieHabitat’s reaction is probably the best part of the clip.

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