Season X is well underway in Fortnite Battle Royale, but hints and rumors are teasing the possible return of ‘The Visitor’ – the individual responsible for much of the game’s ‘story’.

First introduced back in Season 4, ‘The Visitor’ arrived in the meteor which destroyed Dusty Divot – which has coincidentally returned for Season 10.

In fact, the map has continued to change significantly throughout the season, due to the Rift Beacons that have appeared, and it’s believed that The Visitor is responsible for these too.

On August 23, Fortnite’s official Twitter account posted a cryptic tweet, with no text, and simply an image of The Visitor.

In the reflection of the mask, a BRUTE mech suit could be seen, possibly being constructed, indicating that the mechs are in fact The Visitor’s creation.

This clue lines up with the teaser released before Season X, which first revealed the BRUTE mechs, and had a Visitor logo on the left.

The Visitor’s logo is shown on the left of the mech teaser.

As reported by Forbes, The Visitor image was posted by Fortnite on exactly the one year anniversary of Kevin the Cube appearing on the map.

There were also memorials placed around the map in Season X, with one dedicated to the Cube at Loot Lake, another indication that Epic are gearing up for something big.

Whether or not the visitor will make a return as Season 10 builds to an epic climax remains a mystery, but it appears as if the foundations are being laid for another interesting in-game event