An eagle-eyed Fortnite fan thinks the Rocket’s launch in Season 4 could actually be tied to every map change that has arrived in the game since.

The build towards the launch of the Rocket in Season 4 was one of the best moments we’ve seen in Fortnite but there might even be more to that event that’s still impacting the game today.

In Season 10, we’re well removed from that launch and while we’ve seen tons of changes to the map since then, it’s possible all of them can be linked back to that.

Reddit user Milioraptor posted a map that shows all the flight path of the Rocket and how every launch resulted in a map change in the future. The poster argues that all of the changes can be tied to that event and it’s still affecting things today.

The map, which admittedly can be hard to follow, shows all the different paths the Rocket took and how they are all connected to a map change in some way.

For example, take the short flight from Loot Lake to Dusty Divot. In Season 10, we’ve seen both of those locations completely overhauled, with the Divot being transformed back to its former Dusty Depot glory.

Meanwhile, the top-left corner of the map where Haunted Hills and Junk Junction lie has remained largely untouched.

Underneath all the drama unfolding in Season X regarding the BRUTEs, there’s actually an interesting story being told.

Is the Visitor destroying mechs?

A tease from August indicated that the Visitor could possibly be dismantling mechs for some reason. We also can’t ignore the rift beacons that have been opening all over the map and bringing old and new locations alike.

One thing you have to always credit Epic for is their ability to tell a story in a game that’s strictly multiplayer.

What do you think? Could the Rocket actually be linked to these map changes or is this all just one big coincidence? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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