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Is the lack of mobility in Fortnite good or bad?

Fortnite Chapter 2 brought us back to the basics in terms of mobility. Is this positive or negative for the overall Fortnite experience?



Fortnite Chapter 2 brought us back to the basics in terms of mobility. Is this positive or negative for the overall Fortnite experience?

Fortnite Season 9 and 10 were two of the most mobile seasons in the game’s history. Slipstreams, Re-Deploy, Shockwaves, Bouncers, Quad Crashers, Launch Pads, and more all found their way into the meta of these seasons. When Epic released Chapter 2, they removed all of these.

What we have now is a game that’s drastically different than what we played for the previous six months. Epic nerfed mobility into the ground while adding several ways to heal yourself to avoid dying from storm damage.

The lack of mobility in Fortnite has positives and negatives. Let’s take a look at the cases for and against adding more mobility to the game.

The case for more mobility

The case for more mobility in Fortnite is simple: the less mobility there is, the more players are going to be stuck in the storm or running towards a distant circle. There was ample mobility by the end of Chapter 1 when you consider the vehicles, natural mobility, and inventory items. Now, we’re stuck swimming with the current and driving boats on land.

Adding mobility items to the game will also help the issue of ‘trucing’ in competitive Fortnite. Trucing refers to swinging your pickaxe and creating a truce with another player while both of you rotate to the next circle.

Trucing only makes sense when you don’t know whether or not you have an advantage over your opponent. You don’t know what guns, how many materials, or how much health your opponents have. It’s impossible to know whether or not you have an advantage, so rotating players swing their pickaxes to avoid fights and safely rotate.

If you have a Launch Pad or some Shockwaves in your inventory, then you know that you can take a fight during rotations and jump away if the fight isn’t going in your favor. You won’t have to worry about healing items as much as you do, either. Players won’t be late-rotating as frequently as they currently are.

The case against mobility

There’s a strong case for keeping things the way that they are, as well. There is an ample amount of ‘white’ healing items in the game. Floppers are easy to come by and the Bandage Bazooka can keep you alive for several storm circles if you need it. Of course, we also have Bandages and Medkits as a last resort.

Epic cited ‘unhealthy aggression’ when they removed siphon, but mobility was always the bigger culprit. You could jump on players from across the map in the era of 100% mobility. The less movement in Fortnite, the slower the games are going to feel.

Being stuck in the storm isn’t a death sentence like it once was. You can stock up on fish or grab a Bandage Bazooka to tank the storm damage and run to your next destination. There is some mobility as well – if you’re swimming with the current or happen to find a boat.

The current state of Fortnite has pros and cons. Players can tank storm damage and sit in the storm as a strategy. They don’t fight on rotation in competitive matches, and can sometimes catch the downside of being stuck in the storm.

On the other hand, the game is a lot slower than it used to be and the lack of mobility items reduces the overall RNG of a match. What do you guys think about the mobility in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.


More leaked details about Fortnite HighTower event: “Coming very soon”

The Fortnite Season 3 event, HighTower, could be ramping-up very soon.



According to reports from the Fortnite data mining community, the most recent update – v13.40 – is the last update of Season 3. This means that Season 3 is on track to be the first season in Chapter 2 to end on schedule. Even if it’s extended by a week, it will be far shorter than either of the previous two seasons.

Data miners found some event files in the most recent patch, pointing to a season-ending event that’s set to get underway sooner rather than later. The first batch of leaks were largely comprised of strings of code. We learned that the event has the code name “HighTower” and that craters will begin to appear around the map. You can take a look at our initial recap here.

Since then, data miners have been looking closely at these files. There looks to be a rift that will begin to develop in the sky and grow over time – similar to what we saw with the first rift in Chapter 1.

The rift will appear either over The Agency or Mount Kay and should enter the game “very soon,” according to Hypex.

Epic have been a fan of hiding some clues in spectrograms since the beginning of the Fortnite storyline. We’ve seen several images come out of spectrograms dating back to Chapter 1 Season 4.

The sound of this rift creates an image in a spectrogram as well. All that’s visible is a shadowy figure, who will undoubtedly reveal himself by the end of the season – or at the beginning of the next season.

According to Hypex, we should also begin to see the runes appear around The Agency relatively soon. We could also see a crater appear near Salty Springs, a “crack in the sky” over Risky Reels, and a new HighTower POI to the south of The Agency.

Since this is the final patch of Season 3, this might be all of the information we learn before the runes, cracks, POIs, and rifts start to appear in-game. After that, we’ll probably need to wait for the season-ending event.

As far as what the event will bring – your guess is as good as ours. No one predicted that we’d be ascending to another plane of existence at the end of Season 2, so we’re not even going to speculate about where Season 3 will bring us. Send us your best theories on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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Fortnite leaks point to in-game comic books coming soon

Comic books are likely heading to Fortnite sooner rather than later – with Thor being the first issue.



The most recent Fortnite update, v13.40, brought us a ton of leaks that point to what the future of the game will hold. We already covered the 30+ new fish types found in the game files, but they weren’t the only new concept that was included in the patch.

Data miners also found mention of a “ComicReader” in the files. This would, naturally, suggest that readable comic books will be heading to Fortnite in the near future.

We have more than just a line of text, however. Apparently, those who switch accounts on Xbox (and possibly PS4) will be greeted with a glitched cut-scene. Obviously, this is not meant to be in the game, just yet.

We can see where the new comic books will be located in the Battle Pass tab, as well as what will happen when you click on them. What will these comic books hold? Well, we have some clues as to that as well.

Will these comic books be original content? We’re sure that some of them will, but we also have some leaks that point to actual comic books coming to Fortnite. Right now, they appear to be Marvel Comics.

Data miner, Hypex, has been spearheading these leaks. He was able to use the blurry photo of a Fortnite comic book to find out the actual comic that they came from. This one appears to be a Thor comic.

With all of this information available, we’d be surprised if Epic didn’t release comics before Season 4. Likewise, we expect the Season 4 secret Fortnite skin to relate to the in-game comics.

All of this points to Thor being the potential Season 4 secret skin. Fans were already theorizing about this when they saw what Captain America left behind in his release trailer – a glyph that looked strikingly similar to Thor’s glyph from one of his films.

Of course, this is only speculation. For now, all we know for sure is that Epic are planning on adding comics to Fortnite, soon – with Thor likely being the subject of their first issue. As always, we’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

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Waffles unbanned from Fortnite under threat of legal action

Epic Games unbanned pro player, Waffles, after the CarterPulse agency stepped in.



Earlier this week, we covered the story of Fortnite pro player, Waffles, who had been banned from Fortnite after encountering a bug in the FNCS. Waffles killed a player who had used the infinite item glitch to receive an unlimited number of Crash Pads.

After the elimination, Waffles noticed massive stack of Crash Pads on the ground. As anyone would, he began to pick them up to investigate. To his dismay, he was unable to drop them and had to finish the game with no weapons or healing items – only an inventory full of Crash Pads.

Despite everything working against him, Waffles managed to finish third in the game. When he went back to the lobby, however, he saw that he was disqualified from the tournament and banned from competitive Fortnite for 30 days.

Despite all of the evidence showing that Waffles didn’t do this on purpose, Epic support told him that they were upholding his ban. That’s where the CarterPulse agency came in. They responded to one of Waffles’ tweets, telling him to reach out to them.

After that, they went to work contacting Epic Games and outlining the fact that Waffles never intentionally broke any of the rules – a condition for a fair ban. What’s more, the Fortnite competitive rules state that any player must play-out a game in which they encounter a bug, giving Waffles no choice in the situation.

A little over a day after CarterPulse got involved, Epic appeared to reverse their decision to ban Waffles. The pro tweeted, “I AM UNBANNED! THANK YOU @CarterPulse.”

According to other tweets by the agency, they stepped into the situation free of charge. “Anything for the community.” they wrote on Twitter.

CarterPulse also clarified that this was a small mistake within a great company. “Just would like everyone to realize that Epic is a great company who makes mistakes like all of us. Happy to have helped @WafflesFN in getting unbanned!” they wrote.

The unbanning comes just in time for the second week of FNCS qualifiers. Waffles will be able to compete in the next qualifying event and, with any luck, will move onto the grand finals.

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