According to Fortnite’s competitive rules for the Fortnite Championship Trio tournament, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney might be able to find another team after a public falling out with Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore and Thomas ’72hrs’ Mulligan.

One of Fortnite’s top Trios was set to compete in the Champions Trio tournament on September 7, however, a sponsorship opportunity has seemingly broken up the Fortnite trio squad of Tfue, Cloak, and 72hrs.

The ex-FaZe Clan member made an announcement on Twitter that he was “looking for a new permanent Trio who take competitive seriously” later on September 7, which sent the competitive Fortnite community into a craze.

According to Epic’s Fortnite Champion Series rules, all trios have to have three of the original members. Fortunately for Tfue, there can be a one-time trade for another player from another Trio before September 17.

In order for the trade to be accepted, all six players have to agree to the trade. This would mean that 72hrs and Cloak would have to agree to trade Tfue for another player.

There has been no confirmation that Tfue is actually looking to get traded to another team, but with the transfer period ending in exactly seven days, the Trio will need to work fast in order to finalize a player trade.

It’s unfortunate that Tfue and Cloak will be separating as teammates since they have been competiting in Fortnite since 2018. The duo gained their rise to fame by winning several Friday Fortnite tournaments held by Keemstar along with winning the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Final.

We hope the Trio can talk offline and mend their differences. Tfue and Cloak have been one of Fortnite’s most dangerous duos, and it would be a shame to see their partnership fall apart over a disagreement.