Season 8 brought a host of major map changes to the top right corner of the map, but one of the most mysterious is the phantom appearance of Risky Reels. 

When the first maps of Season 8 were released, they showed Risky Reels at right next to Lazy Lagoon.

But when players tried to drop into the once-loved landing spot destroyed by The Block, they didn’t find anything more than a couple of random buildings.

In fact, the name Risky Reels doesn’t even appear on the official map, despite tons of content creators and sites sharing a map that clearly showed Risky.

So what happened?

This was not a case of trolling by a player, it came directly from Epic.

Every season, Epic Games releases a bunch of assets (videos, pictures and various files) that allow content creators to have what they need to create Fortnite content.

In the official asset folders, which are public and located here, there is a section for maps. Here is what the map looks like:

As you can see, Risky is right there. But when players actually drop into the game, the only thing is a little outpost with three buildings.

Thanks for dropping in and grabbing this pic Eli

*Update March 1st 10:49 PM PT: More of Risky may exist than I thought at publishing. A tweet from @WhoIs_KR provides more information about the area surrounding the name on the map. In their words “Risky 2.0 baby!” In addition, the asset stopped loading in the official packet linked above. The rest of this article has been edited to reflect the new information.

That’s everything that we know so far. Here are some possible ideas for what this might mean:

Having a random named location reappear on this map would be a massive oversight on Epic’s end if it was an accident.

And even though there is more of Risky out there than previously thought, the map from Epic may still have been a mistake.

Obviously, it doesn’t match the actual map but the file is not also not loading in the official asset section as of the time of the update is another red flag.

It is quite possibly just a change that came early and the map is really for 8.10 or another future update. In that case, to prevent confusion, Epic may just put Risky on the in-game map. Or it may stay down until that point, or even just never come back, but why would they even have that file if it wasn’t going to become a reality?

On the other hand, they may be planning to bring back the Risky big screen in a big way. The Marshmello concert was wildly successful, why not have the best theatre in Fortnite return with an in-game premiere? An episode of a show or an event?

Whatever Epic has in store, it’s just good to have some semblance of the drop spot back. Risky Reels 2.0 baby!

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