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Is Party Royale teasing a Fortnite X Nintendo crossover?

Did Kirby’s presence in Fortnite Party Royale tease a future crossover with Nintendo?



Fortnite Party Royale debuted this weekend to mixed reviews. A lot of players were a bit disappointed with the premiere, as they were expecting something closer to the Fortnite X Marshmello event. Instead, they logged on to see DJs performing in front of a green screen.

Epic suffered from success a bit on this one. Many fans had incredibly high expectations after the Astronomical event, so the slowed tempo was a disappointment for a lot of viewers.

There was one element of the show that got people talking, however, even before the event started. Eagle-eyed fans noticed a familiar puff-ball on the screen with Dillon Francis.

Naturally, this led to theories that Kirby would be coming to Fortnite – in the form of a skin or a back bling. Kirby as a back bling during a larger Nintendo crossover would make the most sense, so the theories started to roll in.

Via: MyNintendoLife

Interestingly, when the event went live, Xbox and Playstation fans noticed that Kirby was blurred on their screens. Nintendo is notoriously stingy with their intellectual property – to the point where YouTubers often face copyright claims for playing Nintendo games.

This is the inherent problem with a Fortnite X Nintendo crossover. As amazing as it would be, it would probably need to be exclusive to Switch players, leaving everyone else in the dark.

It’s to the point where Nintendo may not even want their characters appearing on other platforms, meaning they may not want Switch players with Nintendo skins playing with their Xbox or PS4 friends.

More likely than not, Kirby was a Dillon Francis addition rather than a Fortnite addition. That’s why they blurred him on competing platforms.

Any Fortnite X Nintendo crossover would have to be on the latter’s turf. The Super Smash roster seems to be filled out, but adding someone like Jonesy in a future title could be the only way that we see these worlds collide.

Still, it’s fun to think about the next Fortnite crossover. No one expected to be able to play as characters like Deadpool, Batman, or Kylo Ren but here we are. Anything is possible for Fortnite.


Hand Cannon update suggests potential return in Fortnite Season 3

A change to the weapon model of the Hand Cannon suggests that it may be returning in Fortnite Season 3.



Fortnite Hand Cannon Problem

The Hand Cannon was always one of the Fortnite community’s favorite weapons. It feels like one of the core guns in the game – a high-caliber pistol that can deal some massive damage if a player has good aim.

We’ve been missing the Hand Cannon since its vaulting at the beginning of Chapter 2. It’s one of those weapons that’s almost sure to return at some point, however, even if it’s changed from its original form.

That day might be sooner rather than later. One attentive Fortnite player noticed that the Hand Cannon received an update during a recent patch. The damage numbers appear to be the same, but the model of the weapon looks a bit different.

Via: u/PM092

It’s safe to assume that the Hand Cannon will return to Fortnite at some point – likely in Season 3. What remains to be seen is the form that the weapon takes when it comes back.

Will the damage be tweaked? Will it cause a knockback effect as it does in Spy Games? Will it one-shot structures like it has in the past? We’ll have to wait and see.

At this point, it seems probable that we’ll get the Hand Cannon when Season 3 launches. It feels like a perfect candidate for an unvaulted weapon to start the season.

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Epic reportedly remove skill-based matchmaking in Squads

Reports have it that Epic Games have removed skill-based matchmaking from Squads in Fortnite.



Epic introduced skill-based matchmaking at the end of Season X and into Chapter 2 Season 1. They rolled it out slowly, bringing it to Solos, then Duos, then Squads.

The majority of players who spoke out about skill-based matchmaking were strongly against it. The system made games far more difficult for a lot of people. If you weren’t trying your hardest, you weren’t going to last.

The system wasn’t for these players, however. It was for the noobies who don’t want to have their confidence smashed into a million pieces. Epic didn’t want experienced players to bully new players and make them want to quit.

The skill-based matchmaking complaints appeared to fall on deaf ears. Epic’s methodology behind SBMM was understandable, and it seemed like they cared more about acquiring new players than keeping their old-timers happy.

Recently, however, Epic seem to be throwing every positive change at us that they can. They brought back a form of patch notes, nerfed the Heavy Sniper, released a competitive roadmap, and even tried to address some aim assist issues.

One of these positive changes appears to be the removal of skill-based matchmaking in Squads. We didn’t hear any official word of this, but people like SypherPK, Tfue, Ali-A, and more are saying that the feature is gone.

The evidence for this shift is anecdotal but seems solid. These streamers and pro players are running into people who don’t build, which never happened within the SBMM feature.

Other battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Warzone still use this system. In one of his videos, Sypher used this as the primary reason that he doesn’t play Apex anymore, and why he thinks streamers like Courage and TimTheTatMan stopped playing Fortnite.

We’ll have to wait and see if Epic continue to remove SBMM in unranked Fortnite modes. The bulk of the hardcore players would be ecstatic if they did.

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Puddles forming in Fortnite tease a flood in Season 3

Puddles have begun forming across the Fortnite map, hinting at the rumored flood that will hit the island in Chapter 2 Season 3.



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 still has a month left, but Epic are already teasing the next season. We saw some promotional photos for Season 3 revealed that make the theme clear: water is going to play a larger role.

When you combine that with the recent leaks about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, it’s all but confirmed that a massive flood will hit the island.

Recently, players began to notice the in-game foreshadowing of a flood. Puddles have begun to appear all across the map. They’re small, right now, but will likely grow larger as the season draws to a close.

You may have even passed these areas – or ones like them – without noticing. We may not have been able to catch onto these teasers without the leaks giving us context, but it seems pretty clear that the flood is starting to happen.

We still have a ton of questions about how the map floods and what Season 3 will look like. Will the Doomsday Device trigger the flood? Will it happen overnight or over time? All of this remains to be seen.

So far, all of the leaks have proven to be true in one way or another. If the rest of the information is accurate, then we can expect an Aquaman skin and elemental fire damage in Season 3 – among other things.

We’ll have all of our questions answered on June 4, the scheduled beginning of Season 3. Until then, we can only keep our eyes peeled and speculate.

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