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Is Party Royale teasing a Fortnite X Nintendo crossover?

Did Kirby’s presence in Fortnite Party Royale tease a future crossover with Nintendo?



Fortnite Party Royale debuted this weekend to mixed reviews. A lot of players were a bit disappointed with the premiere, as they were expecting something closer to the Fortnite X Marshmello event. Instead, they logged on to see DJs performing in front of a green screen.

Epic suffered from success a bit on this one. Many fans had incredibly high expectations after the Astronomical event, so the slowed tempo was a disappointment for a lot of viewers.

There was one element of the show that got people talking, however, even before the event started. Eagle-eyed fans noticed a familiar puff-ball on the screen with Dillon Francis.

Naturally, this led to theories that Kirby would be coming to Fortnite – in the form of a skin or a back bling. Kirby as a back bling during a larger Nintendo crossover would make the most sense, so the theories started to roll in.

Via: MyNintendoLife

Interestingly, when the event went live, Xbox and Playstation fans noticed that Kirby was blurred on their screens. Nintendo is notoriously stingy with their intellectual property – to the point where YouTubers often face copyright claims for playing Nintendo games.

This is the inherent problem with a Fortnite X Nintendo crossover. As amazing as it would be, it would probably need to be exclusive to Switch players, leaving everyone else in the dark.

It’s to the point where Nintendo may not even want their characters appearing on other platforms, meaning they may not want Switch players with Nintendo skins playing with their Xbox or PS4 friends.

More likely than not, Kirby was a Dillon Francis addition rather than a Fortnite addition. That’s why they blurred him on competing platforms.

Any Fortnite X Nintendo crossover would have to be on the latter’s turf. The Super Smash roster seems to be filled out, but adding someone like Jonesy in a future title could be the only way that we see these worlds collide.

Still, it’s fun to think about the next Fortnite crossover. No one expected to be able to play as characters like Deadpool, Batman, or Kylo Ren but here we are. Anything is possible for Fortnite.


Fortnite tease new Drift Crew skins



Epic Games are dropping some cryptic hints relating to the iconic Drift character in Fortnite, and speculation suggests it’s all leading to a new Drift Crew skin.

On January 24, Epic Games posted a series of mysterious tweets, to get the community guessing.

Their first post referenced Drift directly, saying: “Drift? Drift. Come in. Do you read me?” A series of messages followed, asking for help – presumably Drift’s help.

The Fortnite account has since deleted the tweets, but here’s a screenshot of all of them from iFireMonkey.

Data miner HYPEX was quick to highlight that these teasers are almost certainly connected to the upcoming new Drift Skin, which appears to be a female version of the fan-favorite skin.

Fortnite Crew is the monthly subscription service, and it’s expected that this new Drift skin will be included in the February edition of the subscription rewards.

Fortnite Monthly Crew Pack
The Fortnite Crew subscription includes V-Bucks plus cosmetic rewards.

The subscription grants players each new Battle Pass, plus 1,000 V-Bucks, in addition to the cosmetic rewards.

We’ll have to wait and see confirmation about the new Drift skin as we put January in the rearview mirror and move into February.

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Season 5 teaser package points to Ant-Man, Matrix & more upcoming crossovers

Fortnite Season 5 teasers released ahead of the season still point to upcoming crossovers like The Matrix, Ant-Man, and many more.



Fortnite Season 5 is still chugging along, but what about the teasers that were released ahead of the season. Here’s what the community thinks about upcoming crossovers based on the information Epic have provided.

Back before the release of Fortnite Season 5, certain creators were sent packages that contained teasers for upcoming content. We covered these teasers at the time, but have since seen many of them come to fruition.

For example, the red face paint was a teaser for Kratos – one of the first crossover skins to enter the season. The rations likely relate to Master Chief and the sunglasses are a clear nod to Terminator.

We still have a lot of teasers to work with, though. What do the space bananas mean? What about the Everlast hand wraps? Does the gold backscratcher represent the addition of a female Midas skin?

If we assume that we’ve seen the rations (Master Chief), face paint (Kratos), baseball bat (Walking Dead), mud mask (Predator), and the sunglasses (Terminator) have been covered and exclude the Battle Pass skins, we only have a few clues left.

Here’s what the community thinks about all of the remaining teasers:

  • Hand Wraps: Boxer – possibly Rocky? Maybe it was related to Green Arrow
  • Gold Backscratcher: Female Midas
  • Space Bananas: Unknown, possibly Master Chief. Fans hope for Samus
  • Ant Farm: Ant-Man
  • Red/Blue Jellybeans: The Matrix
  • Coins: The Witcher

YouTuber Ali-A uploaded a video after the Terminator skins were announced, recapping the teasers that remain to be seen and adding his own thoughts to the topic.

There are a few crossovers that seem too obvious to ignore. A Matrix crossover seems inevitable, as does the release of Female Midas and Ant-Man skins. We’d put The Witcher into this category as well, but Epic could have been teasing the bounty system, as we’re rewarded with gold for completing quests.

We still have more than a month left in Fortnite Season 5, so we haven’t seen the last of these crossovers. As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear news from official sources or data miners within the community.

Image Credit: Epic Games, SquatingDog

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New Fortnite portal points to Terminator crossover

A new portal has appeared in Fortnite, suggesting that Terminator will be the next bounty hunter entering the game.



The next bounty hunter coming to Fortnite could be from the Terminator universe, based on rumors and speculation.

Fortnite Season 5 has been bringing a ton of crossovers to the game. We’ve seen Halo, Mandalorian, Walking Dead, God of War, and more represented this Fortnite season.

Fans have been speculating as to which bounty hunter will come to the game next. Rumors had it that Lara Croft may be coming to Fortnite, but more recent information suggests it could be someone from the Terminator universe.

After v15.21, a new portal appeared. The portal showed a door that looked incredibly familiar. As many fans expected, it’s from the Terminator universe.

Naturally, this would suggest that Terminator, himself, will be headed to Fortnite at some point. With Predator and Mandalorian already in the game, this would make the most sense.

According to leaks, however, we might be getting a human character rather than a machine. Data miners have stated that the character related to this portal will be female. The most iconic female character in the Terminator universe is Sarah Connor.

These are only leaks and rumors at this point, but it’s a strong guess that we’ll see someone from Terminator enter Fortnite. Sarah Conner would be cool to see, but most fans would probably want to see Arnold come to the game. He is, after all, the iconic character in the franchise.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about the next Fortnite crossover. Until then, keep an eye on that portal.

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