Christmas is approaching and Epic surely has some festive changes in store for the Fortnite map.

An approaching snowstorm is nearing the map off the coast of Flush Factory, and some fans think the storm may change the factories product from toilets to Chrismas presents.  

Reddit user /u/staffcat had the original idea and it makes a lot of sense.

I’m calling it. Flush Factory will turn into some sort of Santa’s factory with elves working on presents from FortNiteBR

Flush Factory is one of the least popular named drops on the map and an overhaul could be exactly what it needs to get people to head that way.

A Christmas themed factory could be swarming with elves and presents. More chest spawns and a variety of other festive decorations could make Flush Factory the hub for Christmas in Fortnite.

One of the reasons Flush is so unpopular is its location. All drops on the edge of the map can make the game become constant running to reach the next circle.

A solution for that could be Santa’s Sleigh. This concept would be a quick way to transport around the map and Flush could be its new hub.

That would allow people to drop and fight in Flush without worrying so much about the storm closing in on them. For more info on the sleigh, and some other possible concepts and items Epic could add, check out our list HERE.

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