Current Issue: Epic is investigating an issue affecting server stability in Battle Royale and Creative, as well as Creative Islands not saving properly for some players. There will be an update on Twitter and at when the issue is resolved.

Fortnite is a game across many platforms and receives frequent updates, making it prone to errors every once in a while.

With a game as popular as Fortnite, you can expect some issues to pop up every now and then.

Fortnite tends to tweet out when issues are arising but you can also check with us to find out if there are any issues at the moment.’

Epic Games usually brings the game offline for scheduled maintenance to implement a new patch but there are times where emergency maintenance is required.

Updated Friday, February 19 at 4:00 PM EST.

Embedded above is a way to monitor the current state of Fortnite as issues arise.
It will show you exactly what is wrong with Fortnite at the time whether it’s matchmaking, stats, the store, voice chat, etc.
When something is currently being affected, it will be changed from ‘Operational’ to ‘Under Maintenance’ meaning Epic Games is working on ironing out the issue.
Updates will also be provided at the top explaining what exactly is going on with the game.
If you’re having a problem with the game then it’s likely you’re not the only one out there which is why it’s worth checking up on this information if you’re unsure.
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