While v8.51 shouldn’t have changed too many things according to the patch notes, it seems the patch is a bug riddled mess. Tilted Towers now features a weird, invisible death zone.

Invisible death zones can be quite frustrating in any gaming experience, but they really can’t be happening in a Battle Royale game…you only have one life.

Tilted Towers now features a small zone in which players will instantly die. The small basement is regularly entered by players in the early game for loot and ammo.

Deadly Basement of Tilted Towers

So it seems that v8.51 is quickly turning into one of the most buggy patches in recent memory. A Shadow Bomb glitch is currently making the game essentially unplayable and now a mini death zone has been found in Tilted Towers.

There’s nothing wrong with deadly traps or map hazards when they are clearly pointed out to players. A great example of this is the lava that currently pours out of the Volcano.

Map hazards become a problem when they are unintentional and invisible. Cloud 9’s Keeoh demonstrated the lethality of this glitch while streaming.

Heads up, there’s a death zone in the basement of the shop in Tilted Towers: from r/FortNiteBR

The basement on the low ground shop in Tilted Towers is a very popular landing location. It’s off to the side and offers cover from high ground attackers. The loot can be decent and provides you with a good initial kit.

Epic Games did release a tweet saying that they are looking into the issue.

For this reason, the death zone will probably catch thousands upon thousands of players. There’s no visual warning, no sound queue, just death.

It’s obviously a bug, but why would a small content update introduce such a glitch? We suspect this has something to do with the upcoming Volcano event.

Goodbye Tilted Towers *Salute Emote*

Tilted Towers is projected to be destroyed at the changing of the Season. Data leaks have revealed new Tilted Towers files that simply appears to lava burned ground. The only building left standing will be the central building that has been demolished several times in the past.

The event could see deadly pockets of magma rise from beneath the ground at Tilted. A preparation asset for the event may have been included in the v8.51 files by accident.

Retail Row will also be swept up in the upcoming Season 9 map changes. Of course, these are leaks and Epic could be trolling the community as they have in the past with the comet and rocket.

So, for now, DO NOT go to the basement of the low ground shop in Tilted. You will die an instant death and be sent to lobby with a sad face.