FaZe Clan’s Cizzorz is one of the most popular, and unique, content creators in Fortnite.

With 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube, he reaches a massive audience with each of his videos.

Around the start of Season 7 he introduced something new: Deathruns.

A combination of speedrunning and a dangerous obstacle course, Cizzorz’s Deathruns required precision to even move past the first stage.

They were a smash hit in the community. His videos featuring deathruns, even just reacting to players trying to complete them, average around 4 million views apiece. For comparison, his other videos not on deathruns are closer to 500K.

Here’s a screenshot of his YouTube page and you can see the view difference for yourself.

“I was making deathruns before Fortnite Creative even came out,” Cizzorz said. “I would design them, build them and play them all in one hour. I just loved the creativity behind them.”

Once Fortnite gave him more tools, he began upping the game with his newest creations. And nobody was solving these ones in less than an hour.

After a while, big brands began to take notice. New Balance came to Cizzorz and created the “Fun Run Challenge,” even though it wasn’t so much fun as it was excruciatingly difficult.

Now Axe has reached out to Cizzorz to have him be a part of Axe’s “Find your Magic Tour.”

Beginning on May 1st, people will be able to submit “creative gaming moments.” The winner of the contest will be featured on Cizzorz’s channel and will be brought out to meet him at Vidcon.

Update 5/6: The Axe event was delayed and actually began today, May 6th. The event will run through May 23rd.

“I love to help people grow in gaming,” Cizzorz said. “I took someone from 40 subscribers to nearly 200,000 subscribers just for winning my deathrun. With the Axe competition, we will be doing something similar. Finding someone who is really creative, they don’t have to be the most talented, we just want to see that creative passion.”

Competitive players can build up followings through placing highly in events, but few outlets have been out there for people who build creative islands to really build up a personal following off their designs.

Cizzorz hopes to change that. Partnerships like this help, but Cizzorz is really focused on the new Fortnite Creative World Cup.

“I probably won’t be going to the Fortnite World Cup but you can catch me at the Creative one,” he said. “I’m actually hosting a qualifier and I can’t wait to see what other players have to offer. The different competitions will be interesting to see.”

As competitive players have become frustrated with Epic’s lack of communication and refusal to revert the controversial update from Season 7, while also not solving The Baller problem in World Cup, Fortnite Creative players have been happy with what they have received.

It seems like nearly every day a new Featured Island pops up with a unique and creative game mode. If the player base starts transitioning away from the main game in time, Fortnite Creative may be the mode that gives the game staying power in the gaming community.

Cizzorz has positioned himself as a leader in that area. After all, he was making creative Fortnite maps before that was even a standard option in the game.

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