The Fortnite Block Party has featured some great user creations but this mechanical llama may be the most impressive. 

It took creator StormHawk over 60 hours to build and stands a staggering 10 blocks high, nearly twice as high as the clock tower.

The “feet” of the creature are three semi trucks used as talons that give you an idea of just how massive this Llama is.

Running up to the creature almost feels like you are tackling a massive boss fight in a game like God of War. The top of one of the wings gives a nice vantage point over the area.

Right below the top is two turrets that give the Llama some real firepower.

StormHawk takes you on a full tour in this video:

The Llama is currently available to play with the island code 1090-0783-2499.

The massive amount of materials and the sheer scale of the creature means it would be a popular landing spot if it does get to The Block in the main game.

Currently at The Block is “Risky Runaways,” an adaption of the beloved original location that was smashed by The Block.

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