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Insane Fortnite event theory explains how new map will be revealed for Season 11



With the date and time for the upcoming ‘The End’ event to close out Fortnite Season 10 now confirmed, an interesting theory about how it will all go down has surfaced.

Much of the leaks and speculation suggests that a brand new map could finally be on the way to battle royale. However, many players remain skeptical as Epic have previously stated they would rather simply continue to update the current map instead.

Leakers have found plenty of game files that suggest a big change is on the way though, and even if it isn’t a brand new map, a major overhaul to the current one is at least expected.

One reputable leaker, FortTory, has come up with their own theory of what all the clues mean, and what it entails for the event on October 13.

One of the main pieces of evidence is the loading screen which shows characters waving goodbye to the battle bus as it flys off into the sunset.

Characters appear to be bidding farewell to the bus driver.

FortTory believes that this image ties in directly to what will happen during the season-ending event, explaining:

“At the end, the bus driver will go searching for a new map and the Fortnite servers will shut down, because… who will bring us to the island? In that time, the downtime for Season 11 begins.”

via @FortTory

Of course, this is just a theory, but it does lineup with other hints about the event.

Due to the time of the event, it appears that Season 11 will begin immediately after the downtime has ended, as hinted at by HYPEX.

The event countdown has now started, and it’s visible in-game, floating above Dusty Depot.

It has been confirmed for 2pm EST on Sunday, October 13, at which time we will know for sure if this theory is proven correct.


LTMs return in Fortnite Summer Splash 2020

Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Summer Splash 2020.



Fortnite has always made sure to change with the season, whether that be with LTMs, Battle Pass themes, or season-specific challenges. On June 30, Epic announced the 2020 version of 14 Days of Summer: Summer Splash.

Last season, we saw a new weapon come out of the vault each day, along with a rotation of new and returning LTMs. This time around, it looks like Epic are skipping the unvaulted portion of the event. We’ll still see some familiar LTMs such as Close Encounters, Unvaulted, Catch! and more. These LTMs will have a twist with some “Summer Splash refreshment” – whatever that means.

Epic Games

As expected this update will come with some new cosmetics in the Item Shop. It looks like Epic got ahead of the data miners with this update; releasing an official image of some of the upcoming Summer Splash skins. You can take a look at the other leaked skins here, as they are not all included in the image.

Most of these skins will likely be popular, but Dad Bod Jonesy – AKA Thor – will probably be a common sight on the battlefield this summer.

Epic Games

For now, that’s all that we know about Summer Splash We’ll keep you posted when we find out more about the LTM rotation, what “refreshments” mean, and everything else you need to know.

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How to watch the Fortnite Device Event if you missed it

Here’s how to watch the Fortnite Device Event if you couldn’t make it into the game.



The Fortnite Device Event has now concluded. The map isn’t flooded, quite yet, but the storm is. The storm in Fortnite is now more punishing than ever and will stay that way until June 17, at least.

The event that brought water to the storm was an entertaining one. We learned quite a bit about Fortnite from the event, including the fact that there seems to be an outside entity pulling the strings of the Fortnite world. We’ll undoubtedly revisit this fact in the future.

There are several ways that you can view the event if you missed it – with or without a reaction from streamers. Here’s a semi-theatrical video from Hypex that shows the full event with no commentary.

You can, of course, watch your favorite streamer’s perspective, as well. Ninja, SypherPK, Tfue, CourageJD, and TimtheTatMan all have videos live at the time of writing.

Here’s a compilation video from Daily Clips Central that includes the reaction of some of the biggest names in Fortnite: Nick Eh 30, Tfue, Bugha, Clix, SypherPK, and many more.

The Travis Scott concert likely took some of the wind out of the Device Event’s sails. It’s tough to follow such an amazing in-game event, like that. The Device Event was all about exposition. We’re supposed to have questions. Let’s hope that Season 3 answers some of them.

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Everything we learned from the Fortnite Device Event

Everything we now know, and new questions, following the Fortnite Device Event.



The Fortnite Device Event was an interesting one. It didn’t blow us away as the Travis Scott concert did, but it still introduced some mind-blowing concepts that set the stage for the Chapter 2 Season 3 plot.

Most of our assumptions about what would happen during the event came true. Midas used the Doomsday Device to push the storm back. He seemed to be successful after a couple of tries, but that was before we were catapulted into a cutscene. This takes us into the first thing we learned.

Jonesy is a real person

Our beloved Jonesy is real; or, at least, he’s based on a ‘real’ person. In fact, he seems to be one of the people behind the world of Fortnite – we’ll get to that later.

During the Device Event, we were transported into an office where we could overhear someone talking about Midas’ current in-game operation. Looking around the office, you could see some photos, some classified folders, and a nameplate that read, “John Jones,” AKA Jonesy.

This was later confirmed when the owner of the voice entered the room. It was Jonesy, himself; this time wearing a suit. This was the ‘Agent Jonesy’ leak that we saw after the last patch. It’s unclear if this skin will be on sale.

In the photos, you can seemingly identify some of the inspirations for past skins and themes in Fortnite. Jonesy is with an astronaut, an explorer, a tennis player, and another figure with whom he appears to be meditating.

We’ll have to take a closer look at the dialogue, here, but that’s what we know about Jonesy, so far.

The Storm mechanics

We’ll cover this in-depth in a separate article, but the storm has gone through some massive changes. It remains to be seen if these changes will stick around but, for now, the storm is 100% water.

We tested what would happen if you fly into the storm with a Chopper. The storm bounces you out and sends you falling to your death. Once in the storm, the momentum naturally pushes you out. If you’re too high, though, you’re going to fall to your death, again. This will be the state of the Fortnite storm for at least another day.

Shadow owns The Agency

The Agency was the last holdout in the Ghost vs. Shadow war that encompassed Season 2. It seems like Midas was content to let The Agency fall to Shadow if it meant pushing the storm.

For the rest of Season 1, The Agency will be a Shadow location with Heavy Snipers, Miniguns, etc. It will still be a prime landing spot, albeit for one more day.

Someone is controlling The Island

The biggest takeaway from the event might have been the revelation that there’s an outside entity controlling the Fortnite island. John Jones, AKA Jonesy, appears to be one of the members of this entity – if not its leader.

This entity seems a bit like an in-game version of Epic Games – the developers of Fortnite. They’re tracking the events of The Island and trying to control everything that’s happening.

We’ll almost certainly interact with this entity again, in some way or another. This could even be The Seven, as those are the only people we’ve heard speak English. As is the case with everything, we’ll have to wait and see what Season 3 brings us.

The Device Event brought more questions than answers, which was likely intentional. This is the exposition phase of Chapter 2. We’re still gearing up to find out what all of it means.

Season 3 will, hopefully, answer some of these questions, but Epic are looking months down the line. We may be questioning Fortnite for another six months before we know more about John Jones and this mysterious entity.

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