With the date and time for the upcoming ‘The End’ event to close out Fortnite Season 10 now confirmed, an interesting theory about how it will all go down has surfaced.

Much of the leaks and speculation suggests that a brand new map could finally be on the way to battle royale. However, many players remain skeptical as Epic have previously stated they would rather simply continue to update the current map instead.

Leakers have found plenty of game files that suggest a big change is on the way though, and even if it isn’t a brand new map, a major overhaul to the current one is at least expected.

One reputable leaker, FortTory, has come up with their own theory of what all the clues mean, and what it entails for the event on October 13.

One of the main pieces of evidence is the loading screen which shows characters waving goodbye to the battle bus as it flys off into the sunset.

Characters appear to be bidding farewell to the bus driver.

FortTory believes that this image ties in directly to what will happen during the season-ending event, explaining:

“At the end, the bus driver will go searching for a new map and the Fortnite servers will shut down, because… who will bring us to the island? In that time, the downtime for Season 11 begins.”

via @FortTory

Of course, this is just a theory, but it does lineup with other hints about the event.

Due to the time of the event, it appears that Season 11 will begin immediately after the downtime has ended, as hinted at by HYPEX.

The event countdown has now started, and it’s visible in-game, floating above Dusty Depot.

It has been confirmed for 2pm EST on Sunday, October 13, at which time we will know for sure if this theory is proven correct.

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