The Infinity Blade was returned to Creative Fortnite in v8.20, but the ‘Blade in Stone’ was only teased in the patch notes. New leaks have revealed additional information.

The Infinity Blade initial launch was a poor decision by Epic Games to say the least. The weapon gave the player an ability to essentially fly and one-shot enemies with sword swipes.

To boot, the radius of the swings was iffy at best and the weapon simply out-classes every strategy to counter it. It destroyed builds, deleted players, and imbalanced the game in a way that was unacceptable.

It was recently added back into Fortnite, but only for Creative mode. It lacked the unique ‘Blade in Stone’ model that allowed players to play an unique animation of pulling the sword from the stone.

‘Blade in Stone’ Coming to Creative

The Blade in Stone will essentially allow Creative mode developers to actual create game modes that are reminiscent of the Infinity Blade’s launch days.

Currently, the Infinity Blade in Creative can only be placed into the world on the typical weapon spawn pads or simply spawned into the world. This doesn’t exactly do the weapon justice as it is a reference to King Arthur’s sword.

The Infinity Blade was leaked through the v8.30 files on Reddit by ‘kspaar’ with an image as well as a kill feed message.

[CREATIVE] Infinity Blade/Sword in the Stone coming soon! from r/FortniteLeaks

This will allow creators to use the unique mechanics of the Infinity Blade along with the animations and location changes of the ‘Stone’. The stone seems to be a slab of icy rock plucked from region around Polar Peak and Frost Flights.

We’re happy to see the Blade in Stone be added to the Creative mode as it should make for some interesting creations. Epic Games tweets out daily Creative Islands with unique ideas and we’re sure to see one or two with the Blade in Stone soon enough.

Initial Infinity Blade Release

Broken, imbalanced, and overpowered – via Epic Games

If you were not around for the initial release of the Infinity Blade, you should be glad. The Blade was so over-powering that it literally threatened to destroy the game.

The Blade was pulled from ground/ice and gave the player who found it full shields and health…200 health and shields. It was essentially the Thano LTM, but inside the core experience.

The Blade has a long range jumping strike that allowed players to jump insane distances without fall damage. The weapons strikes do 75 damage per swing and can hit several players at once.

Yeah…it was a hard time for Fortnite players, but has already proven to be a lot of fun in Creative mode. We hope to see the ‘Blade in Stone’ bring even more cool designs to Fortnite Creative.