A new theory has emerged surrounding BRUTE Mechs in Fortnite, centering on potential reasons why they have not been removed and have recently been severely nerfed.

The theory first gained significant traction on Reddit when user ‘RisingEagle1459’ suggested that the BRUTE spawn rates are falling as a result of ‘The Visitor’ harvesting their parts to construct Rift Beacons around the map.

Season X has seen Rift Beacons implemented in a number of locations, altering POIs to their original forms, or introducing brand new areas to explore such as Tilted Town. On August 23, Fortnite tweeted an image of The Visitor, with the reflection in the visor suggesting they are disassembling BRUTE Mechs.

The mysterious image of the Visitor posted by Epic Games.

The image was posted without a caption, allowing fans to invent their own theories. This particular theory states that, as the futuristic areas of the maps such as Neo-Tilted and Mega Mall have vanished, the Visitor is struggling for parts for their Rift Beacons.

Hence, they have been driven to disassembling the only source of futuristic materials left on the map: the BRUTEs themselves. This would explain why nerfs to BRUTE spawn rates have come in the most recent patches, as the Visitor harvesting them for parts causes their numbers to fall.

Furthermore, it would explain Epic’s reluctance to remove the Mechs despite significant and sustained community backlash. The refusal to remove the robots was put down to Epic Games’ ‘Fortnite Philosophy’, in which they explained that they allow lesser-skilled players to achieve victories.

However, since that announcement, they have been nerfed several times, including the most recent adjustments to their spawn rates.

The theory is sufficiently outlandish to attract some skepticism, but many others noted that it would make sense given the map’s changes away from futuristic POIs.

It would signal a shift to a more linear narrative surrounding Fortnite’s future, particularly considering the seemingly arbitrary changes we’ve experienced over Season X. While none of this is confirmed, it hasn’t stopped Fortnite fans from donning their tin-foil hats and hopping on the conspiracy train.