A clever Fortnite player has found a way to make the game’s Scoped AR one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The gun was added to Fortnite in the V4.4 patch back in June, allowing players to have greater control over their aim when attempting to eliminate opponents with an assault rifle at long range.

With the weapon available in Rare and Epic rarities only, it’s surprising that it has become one of the least popular weapons in the game, with players often passing it up for normal assault rifles or sniper rifles if they are looking for a long-range weapon.

While the Scoped Assault Rifle does deal high damage, many players dislike it because of its unpredictable bloom, and the fact that zooming in and using the weapons scope can leave you exposed to attack, as your screen is taken over by the gun’s crosshairs.

However, Reddit user Kearshi may have found a new exploit that will make Fortnite fans think twice the next time they see a Scoped AR on the ground, as it’s possible for players to hit every shot they fire with the weapon if they make use of one simple trick.

Instead of aiming fully down the scopes, players need to quickly aim in and out while firing, not fully entering into the scoped state. When doing this, it seems to give the weapon 100% accuracy, meaning the bullet will land exactly where you’re aiming. You can watch Kearshi’s video below that explains exactly hot to perform this method. 

TIP | Thermal AR is better than you think, + 100% accuracy at close and mid range from r/FortNiteBR

This exploit is handy at medium to long ranges, and can also be used to pick opponents out of the sky if they are airborne, if they are using a glider on a Stormwing plane.

Unfortunately, this trick isn’t much help when you find yourself in close quarters combat, it may convince a few people that the Scoped AR can be viable if used in the right way.

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