There are some Fortnite diehards who love diving deep into the game’s code to find out what is coming next, and one leaker was able to find files on new cosmetic items coming soon to the Item Shop!

Lucas7yoshi posted a video on Reddit showing the Instinct skin available through the Fortnite x Nvidia bundle, four emotes, three pickaxes, and three gliders showing off some of the unreleased items.

Every single unreleased cosmetic as of 2019-01-09 from FortniteLeaks

The first emote displayed is of epic rarity and is called “Cheer Up”, which has the player character holding two bushes like cheerleader pom poms while clapping to the emote’s beat.

Next up was the rare emote, “Lazy Shuffle” has a high-tempo beat playing in the background while the character shuffles their feet left and right.

“Time out”, an uncommon emote, has the player holding up the typical “T” hand sign for a time-out.

The last but not least, the final uncommon dance showed off is titled “Storm Salutation”, and will be a nice reminder to old Fortnite fans as it is an almost mirror mimic of the original default dance!

The three pickaxes shown were all of the rare rarity and were able to give fans a listen to the sound each pickaxe will make upon swinging it.

The first pickaxe, “Uni-horn” has the description of “Take the competition by the horn” and will be apart of the Mechanimal set.

IMG: Lucas7yoshi

“Uni-horn” seems to have a head made out of an anvil will red rocket boosters in the back.

The “Virtue” pickaxe, the second to be displayed in the video, was actually released in the Item Shop on December 11 for 800 V-Bucks, so fans can pick it up today if they’d like!

IMG: Lucas7yoshi

The third pickaxe, “Vision” will give players an “unending gaze” and is apart of the Ouroboros set.

The pickaxe is a metal shovel with a large cyclops eye in the middle that blinks.

IMG: Lucas7yoshi

All three of the gliders shown off by Lucas7yoshi were of the uncommon rarity.

The “Steadfast glider” is apparently “Battle-tested” and will be apart of the Advanced Forces set, matching the green camo theme.

IMG: Lucas7yoshi

“Rush” has a yellow and white striped top, while the bottom has a teal body ribboned in yellow and white decals.

IMG: Lucas7yoshi

The last glider “Helium” will leave players “lighter than air” with it’s orange and black theme.

IMG: Lucas7yoshi

Are you excited for any of the new cosmetics coming to Fortnite, and will you be picking any of them up?