The Shadow Bomb item has been floating around inside the Fortnite game files for quite some time now. A new leak has revealed the icon art for the item.

We’ve gotten several small details about the Shadow Bomb item in the past. Audio files and coding references have been popping up since patch v8.20, but now we are finally getting a visual look at the item.

The leak is part of several data file finds within the new Fortnite v8.50 update. Other discoveries include the possible destruction of Tilted Towers and spooky audio files for the Loot Lake event.

Shadow Bomb Item Icon Leaked

The information about the Shadow Bomb has all been auditory so far with the exception of the code snippets grabbed by data miners.

The v8.50 files have finally given us a visual of the upcoming item, though it doesn’t give us the whole picture. Only the icon has been leaked so far.

The leak from @Hypex reveals the icon that will be used (or is being used currently) for the Shadow Bomb item.

This is the icon that appears within the item bar whenever you carry it around in your inventory.

The image is somewhat similar to the vaulted Smoke Grenade. The same cylinder shape is used for the body. The top ‘firing’ mechanism is different and seemingly has a jaw-like appearance. A little bit of purple can be seen before the head of the grenade.

So, what will the Shadow Bomb actually do in-game?

In-game Shadow Bomb functions

Details have not been leaked about the mechanics of the Shadow Bomb, but we can speculate based on the leaks.

With this newest leak and a previous audio leak, the mechanics will probably be a mix of the Smoke Grenade and Shadow Stones.

Shadowform may return with the intro of Shadow Bombs

The audio file leak for the Shadow Bomb features the same sounds as a player entering Shadowform upon using a Shadow Stone. Before this, there is a short throwing/breaking sound.

So, we can fairly confidently say that the item will turn players within a certain radius into Shadowform. The important and unknown part of this mechanic would be whether or not the blast affects enemies or only allies.

With the fast pace of main patch releases recently, we don’t when the next ‘content update’ will arrive and drop this item into the game. With that said, the next content drop might bring something entirely different.