A user has sent us evidence of the source image being found. This leak is most likely, if not guaranteed to be fake.

You can read the supposed leak below anyway.

An anonymous 4chan user has posted an apparent list of Season 6 events and upcoming lore, along with what will happen to the cube and a photo.

That’s right – we’re covering a 4chan leak for once, because this actually has some believability to it considering there is an image attached showing the cube exploding.

Of course, anyone could create a fake image like this – so take this with a grain of salt.

An anonymous user posted a list of events that will apparently happen during the start and duration of Season 6. Here they are below.


The user first went into the Lore of Season 5-6’s transition. Apparently, the Enforcers cannot live on the Earth and have to change its atmosphere – therefore sending the cube. This cube creates small domes that mimic their planet’s atmosphere.

Apparently, when the Cube reaches Loot Lake then it will absorb the water and send energy to the domes around the runes in order to make them grow in size. This way; “Season 5 will end with Loot Lake drained and the domes twice as large”.

Also, the trailer for Season 6 will show people walking up to the cube and getting thrown away by its power. Then the Season 5 main character “Drift” will walk up to the cube and when the lightning strikes him he isn’t knocked back, so the cube keeps striking him until it eventually explodes.

Map Changes

  • The bunker at Wailing Woods will apparently open up, with the person inside building a chicken restaurant. 1 of the new Battle Pass skins will apparently be the restaurant mascot. Throughout the season, the Restaurant will become an amusement park and replace Wailing Woods.
  • Other new Restaurants with their own Mascots and skins will open throughout the season. Durr Burger will expand.
  • Lonely Lodge is damaged by the explosion of the cube and is turned into a tourist attraction, similar to Dusty Diner. It has rideable canoes, caves and a river.
  • A black hole is left in the middle of Loot Lake, and during the season the Enforcers will build a futuristic city around this area. The black hole is apparently a “portal to the Dark World”.


The anonymous user mysteriously includes a subheading called “Crystals”. Apparently, you can go to the Dark World either through the Black Hole in Loot Lake or through Crystals.

The Crystals are similar to hop rocks, and were left there after the cube exploded. The Dark World is apparently a dark version of the world, and you cannot see other players – nor can they see you.

You can’t use weapons in the Dark World, either. This sounds similar to the Week 10 loading screen that was leaked a day before the leak was posted.

Skin Themes

  • Dark World versions of current skins will apparently make it in to the list of skins for Season 6, these will be challenge versions of existing skins similar to the Tomatohead skin.
  • Restaurant Mascots, as previously talked about.
  • Camping themed skins will apparently make an entrance.
  • On top of that, tourist themed and also futuristic themed skins are said to make an appearance.

Obviously, this leak could be entirely fake – and it probably is – as it does not touch on the current Volcano game files, and a lot of info’s reliability is based on facts that are already available to the public, so we’ll have to see in two weeks whether or not this turns out to be true.

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