The popular novels turned film franchise is based in a dystopian future where the government force each of the 12 districts to send two representatives for a Battle Royale style showdown.

Now you can actually become Katniss and play out The Hunger Games in Fortnite Creative.

The map was created by Jxdvn and tries to replicate the actual arena from the movies/books as close as possible.

The map is split into different sections and each one has some way it can kill you. Some are fairly clear and some could take you by surprise.

The only weapons available are at the “Cornucopia” in the middle of the map and that is also where most of the heals are.

Around the map there are some spigots which award a big shield pot in the different areas.

We talked with Jxdvn about their creation and some tips and tricks for navigating the arena.

Q: What made you want to model the Hunger Games in Fortnite?

A: You know I’ve always wanted to experience the hunger games in it’s true form, with all the horrors of the novels and movies. I don’t think anybody has pulled that off so I wanted to give it a shot and make it as accurate as possible. I thank Fortnite for giving us the props to make this map possible. A couple of updates ago this map wouldn’t ever touch what it is now.

Q: What do you want people to know about the map before they begin playing?

A: The map is designed to toy with its prey each section is made to kill slowly and it’s unforgiving, it’s really brutal.

Q: How many hours did it take you to finish?

A: This map has taken over a month to finish and it’s far from its original design of the first version I made.

Q: I know you want to keep some aspects of the map a surprise, can you give one example of a hidden trick you placed in the map for our readers?

A: I would say hang around in the lightning section and explore. There’s a big advantage to the game in there if you can figure out how it works.

Tick Tock [Solo Tribute] Trailer Code: 6675-3014-3635 from r/FortniteCreative

The map does require you to get a group of friends together to properly experience the map.

Each zone has a unique characteristic and it is a lot of fun to explore the map.

There are some known issues with the map. The high memory usage can lead to stutter and some people have reported crashes.

Jxdvn has said that they will be doing weekly bug fixes to help improve the map and get rid of those issues.

Drop into the map and share your experiences in the comments!

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