Epic Games appear to have some interesting plans in the works for Fortnite’s Playground mode and if potentially leaked information is to be believed, it could be about to get a whole lot more chaotic.

The game’s developers release a series of weekly updates every season and Season 10 has been no different, with a number of changes made to the Battle Royale map, added LTMs and much more.

However, it appears that a brand new change to Playground is coming soon, which would see the player count allowed into games increase by ten times the amount it always has been.

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Image via Epic Games.

According to leaked information from data miner FireMonkey, who has previously leaked a series of challenges and other features ahead of schedule, soon enough a total of 40 players will be able to drop into the Playground lobby – as opposed to the usual maximum of four.

This would mean that players will be able to soon create maps that can be seen by even more members of the Fortnite community at one time, and many are already planning some big games of zone wars for the future.

“Can’t wait for the shitty desert zone wars map with 15 people just camping,” one user wrote, while another said: “I imagine a zone wars big enough for 40 people would be hard to make.”

It’s worth noting that this limited-time mode leak has not yet been confirmed by Epic Games, at the time of writing, meaning that it may not end up appearing in Fortnite.

Despite that, though, one fan perfectly described how they think it will play out on Reddit. They said: “Zone Wars will never have a forty person match, because some kid is going to impulsively start the game with only five people.”

We might not have the details confirmed yet, but if it is to be added sometime in the near future, this prediction doesn’t sound far wrong.

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