Fortnite is a vast game-scape of near limitness information for players to absorb and testing this knowledge with quizzes can be a whole lot of fun.

Season X has Fortnite in a bit of lull state as players are frustrated by Epic’s decision-making and lack of action on community responses. The game’s still fun to play as a casual experience, but we understand the plight of the hardcore players who want a more competitive title.

During such times, it can be hard to see the positives. To cheer us all up, let’s play a game. More specifically, let’s take a quiz on Fortnite knowledge.

Warning: Mind-bending Fortnite Quiz just ahead

In the past, we’ve had quizzes on many topics like LTMs, weapons, and even Outfits. We wanted to make this one special by turning up the heat to around 12. The difficulty of question found in the quiz are generally meant to stump you.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to get the cheat sheets out. The quiz will handily tell you the correct answer even if you click on a wrong answer. This way you can have to info going forward.


The good part of a hard quiz is the glory of getting a perfect score (or close to one). Bragging rights from an easy fight in Fortnite don’t care much weight, but defeating a professional like Bugha in a build battle should definitely bring a grin out in anybody. That’s the goal of the quiz today.

Please, after you are done with the quiz, post your scores in the comments below. Keep in my mind that many other players will want to see screenshot evidence before letting you take the pride of being the top dog.

We hope you enjoy the quiz and find it to be challenging. If you can get a perfect score, you truly are a Fortnite wiz-kid.

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