Are you having to press ‘build’ twice in Fortnite Creative Mode on controller? Here’s how to work around the issue.

Console players experience far more lag, frame drops, and bugs than the Fortnite PC community. We’re out here crossing our fingers that a building will render while PC players complain about L2 spam.


Controller players – especially those on console – are facing a long list of issues that can be difficult to overcome. Traps don’t place when you want them to and box-fighting in Creative Mode has become a joke.

Anyone who has played Creative on a controller knows what I’m talking about. You have to double-tap your build and reload buttons sometimes, making them incredibly inconsistent.

There is a way to get around this bug, though. You just have to know what’s causing it. For some reason, it’s the actual buttons themselves that are triggering this issue, not the binds.

I know this because my controller binds are weird. When controller-mapping came to Fortnite, I decided to switch my build button to L3 instead of my edit button. I figured I’d get used to it quicker – but that’s beside the point.

For me, my builds come out perfectly fine. It’s only the edits and reloads that are delayed (bound to B and X). The best thing you can do is to be aware of this bug. For these purposes, we’re going to be talking in the Xbox controller lingo. Playstation players: X means square and B means circle.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
Via Epic Games

When you press X for the first time, you have to press it twice. When you press B for the first time after that, you have to press it twice as well.

This means that once you have finished manually reloading with X, you should always hit B again so it’s ready when you really need it. After the first press – which will be delayed – you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, that’s the only workaround we have right now. It’s not an issue with the Creative maps themselves; it’s an issue with Creative Mode in general.

Let’s hope that we controller players get a bit more love in the ‘Bug Fixes’ department in the future. For now, be mindful of switching to ‘build mode’ after manually reloading.

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