One of the defining traits of a successful Fortnite player is their ability to build, but how do you win in late-game situations if you run out of the materials you need to defend yourself?

For players who struggle to secure Victory Royales when they find themselves low on building materials as the match comes to a close, professional Fortnite player Bumpaah has provided som handy tips for surviving the Storm Surge.


While to many, hiding and hoping that you can outlast your opponents may seem like the only option, for Bumpaah, making the most of your positioning is key to securing victories and eliminating opponents, despite a lack of materials.

Harvesting materials is important, but you can often run out by the end of the game. Credit: Epic Games

In a post on the /r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit, Bumpaah took viewers through the final moments of a Solo Arena match, with the streamer low on mats heading into the final storms, with 19 opponents still alive and competing for the win.

Bumpaah specifically mentions “right hand peak” as a way to cover yourself and give you the best chance at finding an elimination. This is when you rotate into view to the right, as this is the side that your character holds weapons on, meaning you have the earliest opportunity to fire a shot without it making contact with any sort of barrier.

Tips on playing low mat situations in solos from r/FortniteCompetitive

The Twitch streamer also states that using the storm to your advantage is key, as “players often don’t see you,” and it allows you to flank around or behind them, as they don’t expect to be pushed from the storm, especially if they have their back to it.

To pull this off well, you need to make sure you have campfires or healing items to allow you to bump your health back up, but don’t be afraid to run in and out to avoid bad situations, or pick up loot.

Finally, pushing the pace is critical, and making sure that you don’t turtle up for too long, as you won’t find any materials by sitting back and waiting. By challenging players, and hopefully eliminating them, you can grab the few items they had,which could be the difference between life and death.

Of course, not every tip will be applicable in every scenario, but these pointers should give you some options to consider the next time you find yourself in a dire situation like Bumpaah did.