Have you been losing those early 50/50’s when going for a chest? This Fortnite tip may turn things in your favor.

Epic’s decision to make chests spawn at a 100% rate in Chapter 2 has done wonders for consistency in competitive Fortnite. If you know a drop spot, then you know where all of the chests are going to be.

Contesting chests isn’t as much of an issue as it once was, but there are still plenty of psychos out there waiting to 50/50 your drop spot. Sometimes, you can’t help but 50/50 a chest and hope you come out the victor.

Epic Games
Epic Games

Chests have a specific drop pattern that might help you win these 50/50 scenarios, as Fortnite player and coach RichHomieQuinn details in the first of his ‘One Minute Tips.’

Apparently, the weapon will always spawn to the right of the chest (your right if you’re facing it). With this in mind, you can position yourself to grab the gun and get the kill.

Instead of hoping that the gun will pop out in front of you, you’ll now be able to angle or position your player to take advantage of this mechanic.

RichHomieQuinn has also provided a helpful video on how to counter Chapter 2 bush campers. Building a ramp and looking down will give you a view inside the bush, allowing you to get the first shot. Give him a follow for more helpful tips.

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