Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite tournament returns on Friday, May 31st! Some of the biggest names in Fortnite will compete for glory as they fight it out for first place.

Friday Fortnite was a mainstay fixture of competitive Fortnite in the early days, but it faded away as Epic took direct control of the scene. With funding from FaZe Clan, the event returns once again!

We’ve got all the information on schedules, streams, brackets, and more.

When does Friday Fortnite start?

Friday Fortnite returns on May 31st. The event begins at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST/9 PM BST and will continue from there for at least a few hours (3-6 hours, depending on how fast the brackets play out).

The whole thing will be streamed from UMG’s official Twitch channel as they are the organization running the event. You can see the stream embedded below:

Watch live video from UMGEvents on

Who will we see playing in Friday Fortnite?

Some of the best and brightest Fortnite has to offer will be competing for prize money. With $20,000 dollars up for grabs, you can expect every player to give it their all.

Ninja, Fortnite’s biggest entertainer & pro player, will be making an appearance. Alongside the star, you will see the likes of Nickmercs, Ricegum, MrBeast, and more!

One major exception for this Friday Fortnite is that Tfue & Cloak will not be playing. The duo currently holds the record for ‘most winning’ Friday Fortnite duo.

For a full list of all contestants, you can scroll through the bracket below.

It will be one hell of a Friday! – via Ninja/Nickmercs

Full Friday Fortnite Bracket

This is a live bracket which will be updated throughout the event. It’s a great way to follow along with the results when you can’t watch the stream.

The bracket is interactive and can be scrolled in all four directions on any platform of your choice. The bracket is created and run by UMG using the Challonge bracket creation tool.


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What’s the Friday Fortnite Format?

It’s baaaaaaack! Wooh!

Friday Fortnite will continue to follow the classic Fortnite style of play.

Instead of the point based placement system we are used to from the Fortnite World Cup, Friday Fortnite will be played via public matches. Many viewers have stated they enjoy watching this format much more than the FWC.

In this format, players will enter a Squads lobby with the other Duo. They will then start a public Squads match.

The teams compete against each other for kills. The team with the most kills wins the round. This is done twice and then kills are added up. The team with the most kills over two rounds moves on.

As the duos are in the same Squad, the players cannot harm the gameplay of the other duo. They can steal kills, but the following are examples of what is off limits:

  • Breaking other duo’s builds to make them die or fall
  • Preventing movement by body-blocking
  • Boogie-bombing the other duo
  • Blocking the other duo by building in front of them

Keep in mind that accidents do happen and all cases are thoroughly reviewed by UMG staff.

You could win $10,000 just for watching!

FaZe Banks will be providing one lucky fan with a massive $10,000 dollar prize. The person will be chosen at random during a random time of the Friday Fortnite stream.

There’s no strings attached. As long as you watch the event, you will have a chance to win the money. Yet another incentive to watch this major event!

Keemstar revealed this development on his latest episode of DramaAlert.