Twitch Rivals arrives in Fortnite with a staggering prize pool of $400,000 dollars on August 21-22.

Twitch has been having a few issues lately with the departure of Ninja and possible competition from Epic Games in the future. However, for now, they are still strongly rowing forward as they seek to draw attention with a massive Fortnite tournament.

The latest Twitch Rivals tourney will feature Fortnite and dozens of top streamers. We’ve got all the details you’ll need to keep up the event!

When does Fortnite Twitch Rivals start?

The Fortnite Twitch Rivals competition will start on August 21 at 1PM PST/4PM EST/9PM BST. The event is scheduled to take place over two days and will end on August 22.

You can expect the event to take several hours. Most tournaments do not post projected end times as it can be hard to tell with varying game lengths.

You can watch the official stream for the competition on the official Twitch Rivals channel. Streamers will also be allowed to stream the event onto their streams.

Watch live video from TwitchRivals on

Who is playing in the Fortnite Twitch Rivals tourney?

The pros are out in force for Twitch Rivals!

We’ve taken a look at the full list of competitors for the Twitch Rival competition and…wow! These tourneys tend to lean towards a heavy concentration of casual streamers, but a long list of Fortnite pros have stepped up to make this into a true esports brawl.

The list include Ghost Bizzle, Liquid Chap, NRG Zayt, TSM ZexRow, FaZe DubsFN, and so many more!

Twitch has really gone full out to ensure players will want to play with a massive $400,000 dollar prize pool. The competition does also include many non-pro streamers, but we don’t expect them to put up much of a fight against the best of the best.

You can see the entire list of competitors on the website here.

What are the rules for Fortnite Twitch Rivals?

Creative and Custom games action? Count us in!

The rules for Twitch Rivals tournaments are often shrouded in darkness before the start of the event.

We only have a tiny hint at what we can expect from the website’s event description. The tourney will include “gameplay around Duos & Squads” as they face each other in “Creative & Custom matches.”

The Creative matches could be similar to the Fortnite Creative World Cup events. Pre-built maps featuring differing mechanical challenges for teams of players.

Custom matches suggest regular Fortnite gameplay. We’ll have more information about the style of the event once it begins.

Will you be watching the Fortnite Twitch Rivals event? If you are a fan of esports, we highly recommend this competition. With dozens of professional players, it’ll be an absolute fight to finish to earn the top dollars.