Location-based challenges are Fortnite’s bread and butter, and the twelfth 14 Days of Summer challenges take players back to their roots.

The 14 Days of Summer Fortnite event reached it’s 12th day on June 6, and tasks players to visit a giant beach umbrella and rubber ducky in one match.


Players have been enjoying the in-game event, especially since Epic included the unique mechanic of unvaulting a new weapon every 24 hours.

Every day of the event includes a new LTM, unvaulted weapon, and a challenge to complete.

Giant beach umbrellas and rubber ducky location

Before the 14 Days of Summer event kicked off, players were able to find large yellow umbrellas around the map. There was also a large rubber ducky sitting in the river alongside Neo Tilted.

Players will have to visit one umbrella and the rubber ducky once in order to collect the Day 12 challenge.

We recommend completing the challenge in the Team Rumble LTM in order to avoid annoying, early deaths.

Locations for all umbrellas and the rubber ducky.

Here is the quickest way to complete the challenge:

  1. Join a Battle Royale match.
  2. Land at the large umbrella outside of Dusty Divot.
  3. Head to the large rubber ducky outside of Neo Tilted.
  4. Challenge complete!

Once players complete the match, they will be rewarded with the Uncommon Quack Pack Back Bling.

IMG: Epic Games

Previous 14 Days of Summer challenges

The 14 Days of Summer event will end on Monday, July 8, so this weekend might be the perfect time to start completing the missions.

Here is a list of all the currently available 14 Days of Summer challenges:

  1. Day 1 Summer challenge
  2. Day 2 Summer challenge
  3. Day 3 Summer challenge
  4. Day 4 Summer challenge
  5. Day 5 Summer challenge
  6. Day 6 Summer challenge
  7. Day 7 Summer challenge
  8. Day 8 Summer challenge
  9. Day 9 Summer challenge
  10. Day 10 Summer challenge

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final 14 Days of Summer challenge!

Have you been enjoying the summertime-themed event in Fortnite?