An exploit to prevent taking fall damage in Fortnite can be used for easy kills.

Since glider redeploy was disabled, players have again had to worry about long drops and their damage.

But, at the same time, opponent’s focus has moved from the skies back down closer to ground level.

That means that if players can find ways to fly through the air, they can grab easy kills on unaware opponents.

That’s what Reddit user /u/ImSpeedyGonzalez has been doing by using the shadow zones combined with aerial items like the balloons, quad crashers and shadow stones.

How to drop on people without taking fall damage from FortNiteBR

The shadow zones give players a temporary bounce effect and a purple glow that wears off quickly.

But by using the balloons or quad crashers, players can stay airborne without taking damage permanently.

Especially with the balloons, players can then drop down right on opponents who have no idea someone was even in the air above them.

SpeedyGonzalez shows the effectiveness of the strategy dropping with a shotgun for free kills.

Unfortunately, this strategy is tied to the shadow zones so will only last until they disappear, likely with the impending Christmas/winter update. Still, players can have some fun and cause opponents to tilt for a couple weeks.

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