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How to use Reality Seeds in Fortnite Season 3

Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 brings loopers an entirely new concept of claiming loot from the island. Here’s how you can find them.



fortnite reality seed

The latest Fortnite season has introduced loopers to exciting new POIs and concepts that were not seen before in the game. Reality Seeds are one such addition that function as interdimensional objects just like tents, but in an entirely different manner.

With the Zero Point submerged underwater, it is finally serving its purpose by adding life and colors to the island that loopers have missed in the past. One such addition to the map that might be a gift to them is the Reality Tree.

The Reality Tree POI was added in the place of Camp Cuddle in the Chapter 3 Season 3 map and boasts a huge colorful tree that grants healing powers to loopers who land on top of them. Hiding amongst the huge tree are chest spawns, healing mushrooms and a strange plant bulb that glows and keeps moving in its place.

What are Reality Seeds and How to use them in Season 3?

Reality Seeds are a fragment of the Reality Tree that can be obtained upon breaking Reality Bulbs that are scattered around the POI. Once a player pickaxes the bulb and breaks it, they will see 3 floating Reality Seeds in front of them.

reality seed
Loopers can claim seeds upon breaking the reality bulbs

The levitating seeds will then slowly descend to the ground so loopers can claim it. Upon claiming a seed, it will occupy one slot in the player’s loadout. At max, one player can stack 2 reality seeds at a time in a loadout slot.

slurp mushrooms
Slurp Mushrooms growing around the sapling can be gathered to heal

Once the seeds are claimed, the player needs to equip it and throw it in front of them where a blue hologram of a plant sapling would be visible. As soon as the seed is thrown to the ground, a sapling will grow out which will then function as a Reality Sapling across matches.

However, loopers can gather and use slurp mushrooms, grown around the sapling to heal themselves with 10 health or shield units granted to them at a time.

sapling location
Sapling Location will be marked on the extended map view with an icon

Once the player leaves that match, they can spot the sapling icon on their mini-map right before exiting the Battle Bus.

If they choose to jump near the sapling, they will be able to see weed outgrown around the sapling that players would need to interact with, in order for the sapling to bear Reality Fruit.

fruit loot
Loopers can claim Uncommon to Mythic loot from fruits that grow on the sapling

Upon clearing the weed, a Fruit will appear on the sapling that offers weapon, gold bars, ammo and consumable loot to players. The loot tier begins with an Uncommon item type that loopers can claim from the fruit one at a time. Usually, there are three fruits a sapling can bear that offers loot to the player who plants it.

sapling status
Players can see when the weed will outgrow around the sapling and when the fruit is ready to be picked alongside the tier

However, if a player chooses not to claim the fruit in corresponding matches and instead just keeps on clearing the weed, the fruit will grow and evolve the weapon tiers, up until it reaches a level where it grants Mythic weapons to the players. Although, players can see the tier that the fruit is currently in and the time frame when the weed grows out on the left side of their extended map view of the island.

As loopers continue to figure out this strange new addition to the game, some are already using Reality Saplings as their primary spawn loot regardless of the weapon tiers so that they gain combat advantage over their opponents. However, those who aren’t familiar with the concepts of Reality Seeds and Saplings, a weekly quest is waiting for them where they can gather them and experience the magic of the Zero Point themselves.

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Fortnite fan creates amazing in-game Spotify player concept and players want it

An amazing concept between Fortnite and music streaming service Spotify has fans go crazy. Here’s more details on that.



Fortnite Spotify collab concept

Fortnite concept artists are always one step ahead of the ideas that the developers think of and bring popular fan requests to life with their art. Recent concept art shows a music player in the game linked to Spotify that has stirred a conversation amongst the player base.

Ever since Fortnite added new features to the game like Party Tags, the expectations of players have gone through the roof for developers to add more to the game. However, Epic does not usually make a major change to the game every month until the launch of a new season.

While certain gameplay features that were newly added, Sprint and Mantle have been quite famous among the Zero Build community, the Gyro and Flick Stick were not received well after their launch. As new players are joining the loop every day and getting themselves familiar with the game, Epic Games are trying its best to make the UI of the game simpler.

However, a recently surfaced concept art created by a Fortnite fan went quite viral as it shows an in-built music player linked to Spotify that would be a cool feature in the game if added. Here’s how the community reacted to it.

Spotify Player concept in Fortnite goes viral

Famous Fortnite leaker FNBRIntel recently tweeted a concept of a built-in Spotify music player in the game menu that can play any song the user desires. This would then eliminate the need for Lobby Tracks or Music Packs Fortnite provides its player base within their lockers.

Using this option would enable players and content creators to play copyrighted audio and their favorite songs in the game while they are queueing up in the lobby or playing a match with their friends, much like Rocket League has it. However, this would in turn cause major distractions to pros and sweats who even turn off radios in Fortnite vehicles.

Another player added a concept of a free Spotify-themed wrap that can be given out to those who link their Spotify accounts to Epic. Moreover, this would also increase the number of users on the streaming platform.

While PC players can play songs on Spotify using the multitasking feature, PlayStation players also enjoy the same with a built-in player on their PS menu. This allows them to play their favorite music while playing any game on their consoles.

As this concept would be a really cool feature for Epic to add, it would end the value of Lobby Tracks the game sells in the Item Shop or provides its players via the Battle Pass or certain limited events. Another major drawback would be to streamers and content creators who cannot use copyrighted audio on their streams to keep their content fair on a specific platform.

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Rare Fortnite clip shows Darth Vader boss killing a Loot Llama

The Sith Lord hunts down a rather unexpected target across the island. Here’s what went down when Vader chased a Llama.



fortnite darth vader feature image

Fortnite is known for creating rare moments every once in a while where the player community is usually left in disbelief. One of those rare moments was witnessed recently by a player where the Darth Vader NPC chased down a Loot Llama and started slaying it with a lightsaber.

There are several moments in Fortnite that have been popular over the years amongst the player community. From Ninja’s Rocket Rides to Muselk’s The Rescue of Chappadoodle, the game has given the world some of the most unique clips ever seen in gaming.

Most of these clips are rare and are witnessed at least once every season where either a bug in the game causes it or just the foolishness of a player that takes place. Recently, a bug in-game forced the Sith Lord roaming the island, Darth Vader, to go against a Loot Llama.

Here’s what really went down in the now-viral clip and how the community reacted to this rare moment.

Darth Vader vs Loot Llama: A battle Fortnite never saw coming

Loot Llamas in-game have been pretty annoying ever since Fortnite decided to bring them to life in Chapter 2 Season 7. When a player goes after a Llama, the amount of ammo that’s wasted in shooting it down is not worth it.

Moreover, the location of the player is easily revealed to their opponents as the player chases down the Llama. This is the reason why mainly a lot of players do not even bother to chase down a Loot Llama on the map anymore.

As players refused to entertain the Llama in the game anymore, the newly added NPC in the game, Darth Vader decided to take the matter into his own hands. In a clip posted on Reddit by u/iluvwilliam, Darth Vader chases down a Llama and continues to slash it down with Lightsaber throws and strikes.

Even after multiple strikes, the Llama refuses to be killed and instead rifts away, taking Vader along with him. Well, this surely shows that even Vader cannot bring the mighty animal down after all the might of his Mythic Lightsaber.

One of the players commented on a famous line from the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, giving it their own hilarious twist as Vader goes after the Loot quoting:

“Loot. I am your Father.”

Another player expressed their concerns with the current Loot Llama and how Fortnite can actually take steps to fix them. From lowering their health to increasing the countdown before it rifts away, these suggestions actually would fix the issue players have with the creature.

Whatever the scenario might be, the player community still can’t express enough grief about the current situation with Llamas as they are shifting to Reality Saplings to get good loot. Moreover, the Llamas were only good for farming a huge number of materials which is not needed anymore as the majority of the player-base shifts to Zero Build mode.

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Fortnite nerfs the Visualize Sound Effects range in Season 3 update

The most broken feature of Chapter 3 has now finally received a nerf and players couldn’t be happier. Here’s the latest on that.



Fortnite footsteps

After a long wait, Epic finally fixes the most broken feature of Fortnite that sweats were just tired of ever since the beginning of Chapter 3. Visualize Sound Effects was a feature which was recently nerfed in an update where players got to experience it as they jumped into a Battle Royale match.

Fortnite has had a history of broken features and glitches that have been well exploited by the player community over the last few years. From XP Glitch Maps to weapons meta, players have been using these exploits to gain a gameplay advantage that sometimes ends up getting them banned for their actions.

While some actions or exploits get them banned, others are just bugs in the game that is an error from the developer’s end that they take it casual enough to fix. One such exploit that was legit in the game was Visualize Sound Effects in sound settings.

When one enables the option, they can see visual cues of chests, gunfire, footsteps, reboot vans or even if someone is healing nearby. This then aids a player in judging the direction where the activity is happening and respond to it.

Ever since Chapter 3, this option was broken as players were able to hear the sound of gunfire, footsteps or even healing from afar which was an advantage to several sweats who always love to rush their opponents and engage in close combat. But in a recent update in Season 3, Epic finally decided to nerf it for good.

Epic nerfs Visualize Audio range as it’s not broken anymore

In last week’s update of v21.10, Epic nerfed the range of Visualize Sound Effects option as it was one of the most broken features in the game. Players weren’t informed nor were aware of this major change that took place in Fortnite until they tried it out themselves.

The update has fixed the distance and the radius of the Visual Audio cues one gets upon going near Chests, hearing footsteps or gunfire. After the update, players will only be able to see visual cues if they are approx. 100m close to the objects or their opponents which is a major relief to casual players or campers.

While casual players or noobs enjoy this news, sweats are surely unhappy and so are players who basically need these hearing aid options in-game to help them orient their gameplay. Moreover, this major change by Epic in one of the oldest Fortnite settings was not announced in any of the patch notes or their official Twitter handle, which it should have, according to the player-base.

However, players think that this fix might be a random update as Visual Audio has always been messy in-game ever since it was added. From reboot vans sounding from miles away to footsteps being heard from a long distance, Epic still needs to put in some work to fix those audio issues.

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