Epic Games changed the way players take walls to a coin flip but using this Bouncer method allows you to skip that entirely.

A big part of being successful in Fortnite is knowing how to build and hit quick edits. With a Season 10 update, Epic changed the way taking walls worked from no longer being reliant on ping, but it’s instead up to chance.

Some players won’t want to rely on that but instead what to take matters into their own hands.

Bouncers can help you through walls.

You don’t always have to rely on taking walls, but instead, you can just go right through them with the short delay between them.

The easiest way to be “W key” your way through, which is break the wall and move through it, or you can use this method that was first discovered by Reddit user lulShine.

This player shows that if you put down a Bouncer right outside of the wall underneath a ramp and then break it, you’ll slingshot into your enemy’s box directly behind them, allowing you to pull off a clean headshot with a Pump Shotgun without giving them a chance to react.

It’s definitely something that will take a bit of practice to nail but once you do, it’ll become like second nature and you’ll be able to get the jump on any unsuspecting foe.

One thing to pay attention to is if this method actually starts to pick up steam, it’s going to be quite obvious to other players what you’re doing, so that’s something you’ll need to prepare for.

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With the Fortnite meta constantly shifting, there’s no telling how long this will remain viable, but for the time being, is should work out for you just fine.

Let us know how this method works for you in the comments below!

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