Fortbyte challenges are a little bit different than the typical Fortnite challenge. Many of them include extra requirements or large amounts of earned XP.

The new Fortbyte challenges offer a new layer of content to Battle Pass owners. These challenges give players all kinds of new objectives from earning XP to finding individual locations to Battle Pass progression.

Each Fortbyte collected/unlocked will allow you to see more of the Fortbyte Hidden picture. According to Epic Games, the picture will reveal something important about the future of Fortnite and Season 9.

Accessible by Sentinel Fortbyte

The #36 Fortbyte has players going to a ‘frozen island’ to collect a Fortbyte.

Pay attention to the first part of the clue as well. ‘Accessible by Sentinel,’ it reads. One of the two skins unlocked at Battle Pass Tier 1 is named Sentinel. It’s the one that looks like robotic chicken mech…man.

Head to the Ice King’s domain

You can only pick up the Fortbyte found on the frozen island if you are currently in the Sentinel skin. So, before you hop into the game to collect, equip the skin.

Once you’ve done so, you will want to head to the far southwest of the map. There are two frozen/snowy islands and you will want to land on the west most one. It will have several ziplines coming to and from it.

To make things simpler, here’s a video showing the location and the pickup of the Fortbyte. After picking up the piece and returning to the Fortbyte menu, slot 36 will reveal some blonde hair (probably Jonesy).

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