Along with the Week 6 Fortnite challenges, players have been tasked with finding yet another Season 9 Fortbyte. For #89, you’ll need to cruise over to where the rich and lavish live in Fortnite.

Epic Games said they would release ‘at least one’ new Fortbyte per day in Season 9. They are most certainly keeping to that promise.

The Fortbyte challenges, like normal Battle Pass challenges, can get a little boring after weeks and weeks. But, if you want to complete everything Season 9 has to offer, they are a necessary task.

Fortbyte #89 Location

For Forbtyte #89, you will be heading for Snobby Shores and its recently changed scenery.

Before you hop into a game, you’ll need to unlock the Scarlet Strike Battle Pass glider. You cannot complete this challenge with any other glider equipped.

As we’re starting to get later into the season, Epic has seen it fit to put a requirement that requires a Battle Pass tier of 39.

Fortbyte #89 Location

The ‘rings’ for this particular challenge are not circles like the last similar challenge. These ones are triangles with a similar style to the neo-neon cyperpunk styles of Neo Tilted.

Once you’ve hopped out of the Battle Bus, dive towards the valley entrance to Snobby Shores. Be careful and slow down once you’ve lost some altitude. You can easily fly past if you are going full speed.

As with the last ‘rings’ Fortbyte challenge, there are four triangles to fly through. Once you pass through the last one, you’ll automatically be granted the Fortbyte’s completion.

For a visual representation of the challenge, here’s an excellent video from u/RIPutiin from the FortniteBR subreddit.

Fortbyte 89 from r/FortNiteBR
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