Fortbyte challenges offer players another layer of new gameplay in Season 9. Each challenge brings something a bit different and some even have special requirements behind their unlocks.

Each day, Epic Games releases at least one more Fortbyte for players to unlock. As of May 15th, 24 Fortbytes are available for unlock.

We’ve been developing guides for every location based Fortbyte challenge. We hope these guides will help complete the challenges in a quick manner. The latest such Fortbyte is number 81.

Fortbyte #81 Location

Fortbyte #81 is said to be near a mountain top cactus wedge. The collectible should be easy enough to find…except that there’s a catch.

In order to pick up Fortbyte #81, the current game time cycle must be ‘daytime.’ The sun must be out and about for players to unlock this one.

Here’s a map showing the location you will want to head to:

Fortbyte #81 Location

The red circle denotes the location of the Fortbyte. It is located to the southeast of Paraside Palms. You will want to land on top of the ‘mountain.’

Once there, you will be able to pick up the item, but only if it’s daytime. Some games may begin in the ‘dusk’ or ‘night’ stages so you will have to wait. You can also leave the game and hope for better luck in the next lobby.

At the time of the recording, we unfortunately could not get a daytime game. The process will take some time if you are getting unlucky with the times of day.

We suggest landing near the location while playing normally and going up to check if the Fortbyte is available for pickup. Then just play your game out as normal, this way you won’t get bored.

We hope the map and video will help you get the Fortbyte, but as stated before, prepare for a bit of randomness. While the idea is a decent one, it can be frustrating when you simply get bad RNG on the day-night cycle.

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