Fortbytes are daily, location based challenges released by Epic Games for all Battle Pass owners. These are unlocked by picking up a computer chip-like item within the game world.

In order to find Fortbyte #74, players will want to travel to the desert biome.

We recommend using the Team Rumble gamemode for all challenges as the mode provides respawns, doesn’t affect other players negatively, and has other players attempting challenges as well.

Fortbyte #74 Location

Fortbyte 74 is located in the basement of an assassin’s home. Don’t worry, the assassin’s not in at the moment.

You will need to head towards Paradise Palms initially. You can loot out at Paradise if you think the Fortbyte will be contested by enemies. The building in question is located directly east of Paradise.

Fortbyte #74 location

Once there, you will find a nice beach-side home with a beautiful view of the ocean.

You will want to head inside the house through the front door. Make a sharp left turn and travel to the end of the hallway. The door to your left will lead you into the basement.

Once you enter the basement, you will likely already see the slight glow of the Fortbyte within the filing cabinet. You’ll need to destroy the filing cabinet to pick up the item.

For those that prefer a visual guide, we’ve created a short video showing the location and how to get there.

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